6 Mistakes You're Making That Will Make Your Baby Fat

baby eating solidsHere we go again. Another study is out telling moms and dads that our kids are fat and it's all our fault. Tired of hearing these studies? Sorry guys, but this is one report you might want to read.

See, the thing is, researchers from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine are now saying American kids are fat because of what we're doing to them as babies. And you might be surprised by their findings ... because this isn't just one thing that some moms and dads do!

After studying a group of low-income parents, the scientists have come up with a whole list of mistakes parents commonly make with baby that can start them off on a lifetime of battling the bulge. The list is so long, in fact, that chances are good that you're doing AT LEAST one thing on the list! Heck, I'll even admit I did one!

Don't think I could possibly mean you? Take a look ...

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1. Putting baby to bed with a bottle -- A whopping 43 percent of parents fessed up to doing this, despite the risks of choking, cavities, and over-eating! Not to mention it teaches kids to use food as comfort.

2. Propping the bottle instead of holding it -- Sure, it's more convenient, but if you're tuned out while baby's got a bottle propped in their mouth, you're not gauging how much they're eating. Not to mention there are increased risks of choking, tooth decay, and even ear infections! But 23 percent of parents admitted they do it! 

3. Letting baby watch TV -- Not only do scientists blame TV-watching for hurting baby's speech and cognition, but it sets your child up to be a little coach potato who doesn't get enough exercise. So what'd the study find? Ninety percent of infants are exposed to TV! And 50 percent are active watchers.

4. Feeding solids before 4 months -- Think that cereal in the bottle will get them to sleep? Research has shown that a baby who eats solids before 4 months old is also six times more likely to be obese by age 3. How soon after birth we start on solids has been found to affect our weight gain over the next 20 YEARS of life. And yet, 12 percent of parents in the UNC study admitted they do it!

5. Feeding baby when they cry -- Babies cry for a lot of reasons. They're hungry. They're tired. They're wet. They're over-stimulated. They want some cuddles. So why is that 20 percent of parents ALWAYS feed baby when they're crying? Learn the different cries, Mom and Dad!

6. Forcing baby to finish a bottle -- Some 38 percent of parents force their infants to finish a bottle of food. It certainly hearkens back to being told to clean your plate when you were a kid, but it's not wise. Kids need to take heed of their own hunger cues and stop eating when they're no longer hungry ... even babies!

Be honest -- have you made any of the mistakes on the list? Even just once?


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StacyLC StacyLC

I call BS.  I have done some of these and both of my kids are skinny minnies!  My son will be 11 next week and weighs 62 lbs soaking wet!  And he eats...a lot.  My daughter is 6 1/2 and she is like 40 lbs.  And she doesnt stop eating.  The reason they are not obese is we have taught them good eating habits.  They eat fruit/veggies at every meal and we hardly ever eat out unless its a celebration or a school function.  They go outside and play every day.  It is not what you do when they are babies but its how you raise them.  If you as a parent sit on your butt all the time and eat McDonalds then yes your kids will do the same.  You have to set a good example for them.  It does not matter what you did with their bottle as infants

Einyn Einyn

38 percent of babies force their infants..? Proofread people

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

90% of infants are exposed to tv you say? I guess 10% of parents are lying to make themselves look better then because the number of people without TVs is statistically insignificant.

Choco... Chocodoxies

I nurse on demand. Usually that means my daughter gets a bump and she wants to nurse. She has the sniffles; she wants to nurse. She is overtired; she wants to nurse. She just woke up; she wants to nurse. Looking for cuddles? She wants to nurse. She hates diaper changes so... she wants to nurse afterward. I suppose that I am raising the next Guinness World Record winner for fattest woman ever, huh?

Mom2J... Mom2Just1

I never did any of these things. WE breastfeed on demand, no cereal (people still give that crap to their kids?), and we don't introduce solids before 6 months. We even skip baby food. I notice most of these are what formula feeding moms do though...go figure.

tinks... tinkstar1308

i have done 1-4 and both of my kids are healthy and not over weight at all

nonmember avatar Jess.C

Excuse you, Mom2Just1! I was a formula feeding momma and I didn't do ANY of those things. Hope your child doesn't learn to judge others like that. But if they do, they probably learned it from you. "Go figure"

purra... purracious

sheesh, @mom2just1 who pissed in your cheerios that you had to go and put on your judge judy pants? just because you were able to breastfeed and skip baby food and cereal automatically gives you the right to act high and mighty? wow. i was physically unable to BF, am still heartbroken over it 2 years later and guilty of a few of these but she's not fat at all. she's very active and loves her veggies. its all in how you raise them, not in what you do with them when theyre babies. "Go figure."

missy... missybest

All of these things have been known for a long time - nothing new here.  The difference, in my opinion is lazy parents.  All the above are easier than actually truly taking care of their baby.  Why do you have babies when you have no plan to care for them appropriately?  I weep for the babies and kids of the many lackadaisical, lazy parents in the world today.  Talk about a me, me, me generation!  Just sad and awful!

Laura Palmer

Go figure Mom2just1 is the mother of one who apparently is now an expert on child rearing.... call me when you are on kid 2 or 3.... for now shut your judgy pie hole

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