Sleeping Baby Wakes Up Dancing Like Crazy (VIDEO)

baby sleeping starts dancingIf you don't want to see the cutest thing on the face of the Earth, I suggest you stop reading. Because you're about to get a whole lotta adorbs up in yo' face if you continue on with this blog post.

For whatever reason, a hilarious video from 2012 is currently making the rounds (I don't know how this cuteness took so long to go viral). The vid is of three sisters, all in their carseats, dancing crazily to music. The only catch? The youngest one of the bunch is dead asleep when the music starts. But then she just pops up and immediately joins in on the fun. It's so cute, and man, what I would give to wake up like that every day!

Too cute! She goes from 0 to 100 in no time! Oh, to be a baby and either be happy or sleeping! What a life!

I'm sure this video will be a treasure for years and years to come in this family. In fact, I say Mom and Dad pop this in the DVD player, or whatever futuristic player there is, when the youngest gets married. This right here is gold. Love!

How adorable is this? What's the first thing your baby wants to do when they wake up?


Image via TheBigAdamsFamily/YouTube

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nonmember avatar blue

That's stinking adorable, but eek...they aren't in their seats very safely. Makes me cringe a bit. Kids are awesome, though!

Mom2J... Mom2Just1

Cute!  But the baby should be rear facing and no kid is properly strapped in.  Chest clip not belly clip people!

armyg... armygirl16

Cute....except the horrible car seat misuse. Eeek!

Krist... Kristen9286

Ugh this makes me cringe. I can't even focus on the cuteness. Those chest clips are WAY too low and straps are way too lose

Mommy... MommyO2-6631

CHEST clips lady. And tighten down those straps at least. Yes, lose straps make for cuter dancing but are not very effective in a collision!

IWant... IWantOneMorePlz

Am I the only to notice that the car was not moving?  I thought the video was cute.

wayto... waytomanykids10

The car might not be moving at the moment but eventually it would. I highly doubt the parents were going to go make sure they were properly buckled in before they started driving.

khs09... khs09vallan

So cute! I have a video of my daughter doing that on a road trip too!

nonmember avatar Shelton

Did anyone else notice weirdness at the end? What was going on with mom?

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