​Newborn's Show of Affection to Mom After Delivery Is Breathtaking (VIDEO)

baby feetSeeing a just-born newborn baby cling to its mother is a beautiful thing. But typically, the little one just wants to nurse or be snuggled. Very rarely does the baby lock its grip on ... its mother's face. However, that's what an adorable brand new baby did when doctors and nurses tried to take the infant away to wash it: Grabbed on to its mother's face and nose like a koala bear -- and oh my god, it's adorable.

Check out one of the cutest -- and strangest -- videos of a newborn clinging to its mother's face for dear life!


Pretty adorable, right? There mom is, lying on the table post-c-section, and she's got her baby grabbing onto her face. Doesn't look like the most comfortable thing in the world, but her smile shows that she doesn't mind. (In fact, get used to it, Mama!)

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What a beautiful display of how attached babies are to their mothers immediately after birth. Love this video so much, and really love how the little one stopped crying as soon as it was able to touch its mother again. Beautiful.


How did your baby react after first being born?

Image via Elisabet Ottosson/Flickr

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Missa... Missanjie

That's adorable.

nonmember avatar Dawn

When I delivered my son, they put in on my chest immediately after birth. The first thing he did was touch my lips. Since that first time, every time he is tired or just wants some cuddle time, he touches my lips. It is a source of comfort to him and I love it. He is now 4 years old and I wonder how much time I have left of him touching my lips. Sigh---time is slipping by too fast!

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

My story is similar to Dawns, only it was my ears. Especially the lobes! He quit around 6 or 7. That was my oldest and only child to have a thing like that.

cmw327 cmw327

Such a sweet video.. My daughter was placed on my chest as soon as she came out. She whimpered a little at first but just stared at me.. It happened so fast..

cherylam cherylam

When my daughter was born, she was laid on my chest and was crying, as most babies do. As soon as I started talking to her, she stopped crying and just stared at me, as if she was memorizing my face. She only resumed crying when they took her to get cleaned up, weighed and get foot prints. She'll be 40 this May, and even though we've had our moments, she is my baby. She has babies of her own, and they are very close as well. My son, when he was born, latched on in the recovery room. The nurse said babies dont usually nurse good right away, they're tired after being born. My son didn't get that memo....he latched on with the ferocity of a starving pig, lol. He'll be 37 in June.

jtlmo... jtlmommy13

My boys and my daughter all came out screaming but as soon as they handed them to me they all stared at me as i told them mommy has you and she loves you so much and i kissed all my kids on the head and told them they would all be my babies no matter what and my boys are 6,2,1 and my daughter is 3mos old and my youngest two share a bday but ill always remember when all of my kids were born to in the evening and two in the middle of the night

Being... BeingJaneAusten

My first born smiled at me and his dad when he saw us ^I^

.Bad.... .Bad.Wolf.

That crying... Oh I want another one!! Very cute video :)

kayga... kaygarcia97

oh my gosh!!! How precious is that and that wittle newborn cry! My youngest reached out and grabbed my hand after her c-section birth and the moment that they tried to remove her finger from mine she screamed.

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