A Classic Nursery for a Baby Boy With Some Unexpected Twists

This beautiful baby boy nursery features a more traditional design approach with a few fun accents artfully worked in. That daybed for one -- so unique! And we'll talk about the plaid footstool later, I'm a little bit obsessed. Click through to see more of this space below!


A happy vintage plane mobile is a great focal point for baby Henry, and that beautiful bedding is from Dwell Studio. I've yet to see something from them that I don't love. It's simple and understated and perfectly at home in a room for a baby boy. 

Clever supply storage solutions over the changing table, everything within easy reach for Mom or Dad, but safe from grabby little hands. 

Isn't the daybed fantastic? Such an unusual frame and soothing color and the perfect spot to read stories or catch a nap. I appreciate the simple art and uncluttered walls, which play a key part in helping the room feel a bit bigger than it might be. 

A comfy rocker from the Land of Nod is paired with the most fabulous footstool I've ever seen. All of sudden I'm once again head over heels for plaid. Plaid is the new polka-dot? You heard it here first. 

I think this room has a wonderfully grown-up take on traditional nursery style. It's got a few mature elements -- that footstool for example -- with just the right amount of whimsy and sweetness worked in to make things baby-friendly.

I'd love to know how you made your nursery feel at home for both you and your baby, because we know the kind of hours new parents spend there. Any tips or tricks you'd care to share?

*See more pics and details here from RoomZaar

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