Josh Duggar's Baby Marcus Is an Adorable Little Mini Me (PHOTO)

josh duggarThink what you want of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, but they produce incredibly cute children. And their son Josh and his wife Anna are following in their footsteps. Josh recently posted a super cute pic of his newest baby, Marcus, to Instagram and holy heck (keeping this post Duggarfied) is this little doll cute! And the little collared shirt he's wearing, you guys? I can't.


marcus duggar

The Duggars have long been controversial figures, because OMG, they have so many kids! And while I, personally, would rather eat a stranger's toenails than have 19 children, hey, to each their own. I'm sure Josh and Anna will follow in Michelle and Jim Bob's footsteps and have many (many) more children. And who can blame them when their newest cutie looks like this!

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So glad Josh and Anna are sharing photos of their adorable kids as they grow up. Marcus and the rest of the gang couldn't be more precious. But sorry to break it to you, Anna. Marcus is a spitting image of his daddy.

Who do you think Marcus looks like: Anna or Josh?


Image via Josh Duggar/Instagram

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I think he is trying to be like his father he would not be trying to impregnate me with 19 kids sorry.

nonmember avatar kim love

Guess they are gonna try to have more than Jim Bob and Michelle. And no way would I ever have that many kids.

nonmember avatar Joy

I think he looks like Anna's dad! So adorable. :)

miche... micheledo

One of my friends always says they are trying for an ugly child.  :)  They keep trying, it just hasn't happened yet.  :D

beadi... beadingmom17

All 3 of their kids are adorable! The little guy is just precious!

Frost... FrostyMelted

Cute kids. Hateful parents. 

Aamy Aamy

Poor kids. 

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