Megan Fox & Brian Green Give New Baby a Total Celebrity Name

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megan fox brian austin green baby boy bodhi ransomBig congratulations go out to Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, who recently welcomed baby boy number two! But even bigger kudos go out to the gorgeous couple for keeping this little secret under wraps for more than a week!

Their son was born on February 12 in Los Angeles and joins big brothers Noah, 17 months, and Kassius, 11 (who is Green's son with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil). The baby's birth has just come out, along with his name.

Welcome Bodhi Ransom Green!

The gorgeous Transformers star and her hunky Beverly Hills 90210 hubby are notorious for keeping their private lives, well, private. When Noah was born in 2012, the couple kept his birth a secret for almost an entire month. That's an eternity in Hollywood time. This time around, they managed to do so for eight days. Still impressive in terms of how quickly word spreads in Tinseltown.

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The couple also clearly shocked us with their choice of name. I mean, Bodhi Ransom Green is totally badass. Bodhi means "enlightened," and Ransom is just plain cool, so the little dude is quickly joining the club of interesting celeb baby names.

Personally, I'm a total fan of the name. It's simple, meaningful, and has that little bit of fierceness. It's unique without being too over the top and presumably is similar to Bode. As in Bode Miller, as in the Olympic champion skier, as in awesome.

Congratulations, guys! And seriously, great job on keeping the secret. You definitely got us!

What do you think of the name Bodhi Ransom?

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Bobbie Scherzer

I didn't even know she was pregnant.  The last pics I saw of her were in an Avon brouchere promoting her new fragerence "instinct". I'm sure the shoot was months ago.  Congrats to them both.

evilekat evilekat

Bodhi is okay, Ransom on the other hand is a little weird..

hello... hellokd87

I've heard of Bodhi before, I think it's cute! I'm a personal fan of Noah, but mostly because my son's going to be named Noah as well!!

Green... Greenstone920

Ransom is not "just plain cool."  It's weird.  It has a negative connotation.  

OneTo... OneToughMami

Bodhi is okay...ransom is tacky

crazy... crazy4chapstick

I think bodhi is weird....and ransom is cool. I'm planning on giving my son a cool middle name.

ashle... ashleywagoner

Bodhi makes me think of Patrick swayze in point break. Ransom is a horrible name!!!!!

Maddo... Maddogsmommy

I don't either name, but congrats to them!

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