This Cute, Cozy Nursery Is in a 'Crazy' Corner of the House (PHOTOS)

A tiny nursery tucked away in the attic is just the sort of small space inspiration you might be looking for when it comes to original nursery design. With limited room and uniquely charming features (sloped walls, anyone?), you might find this room to be a great example of what you can do with the right vision and a little creativity. See more below!


You can see from this angle just how steep the pitch of the ceiling is and the kind of limited space they're working with. 

It might be a little room, but thankfully there are plenty of windows and natural light to play off the powder blue wall color and white trim. 

A clever built-in window seat adds storage and seating in one, and I'm really digging the floral pattern and the perfect length of those curtains

Another well-designed nook makes for the ideal spot for a bookshelf and additional storage. 

This room presented a few logistical challenges that were handled beautifully, which just goes to prove that structurally, there's not a lot you can't overcome!

I'm interested to hear about any obstacles you may have faced in your own nursery design. Let's discuss!

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