A Beautiful Shared Bedroom for 2 Little Sisters That's Different From All the Rest

This bedroom for two tiny sisters is truly an example of using what you have and making it work. Of course, it helps if the things you have are quite lovely in the first place, yes? I'm already swooning over the in-room fireplace. Click through to see more below!


An upturned apple crate makes a great nightstand/bookshelf even though that's not what it was originally intended for.  

I love the hanging dresses and sweet little details seen here. The muted pinks and blush reds are subtle and soft in contrast to the white walls and floors. 

How great is that crib? The tall ceilings add to the open and airy feel of this room. It doesn't seem the least bit crowded! 

I'm a fan of full-size beds in kids' rooms. It means there's plenty of room to snuggle and read books -- and can serve as a place for guests to sleep if you're low on spare rooms (raises hand!).  

I have a special place in my heart for shared girls' rooms, and this sweet space looks like just the place to create many lovely memories for these sisters. See all the info on this room at Babyccinco Kids.

I'd love to know if you're in favor of "adult" beds for kids. Why or why not? It feels like I slept in a twin until I got married. Is that crazy?

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