A Beautiful Shared Bedroom for 2 Little Sisters That's Different From All the Rest

This bedroom for two tiny sisters is truly an example of using what you have and making it work. Of course, it helps if the things you have are quite lovely in the first place, yes? I'm already swooning over the in-room fireplace. Click through to see more below!

An upturned apple crate makes a great nightstand/bookshelf even though that's not what it was originally intended for.  

I love the hanging dresses and sweet little details seen here. The muted pinks and blush reds are subtle and soft in contrast to the white walls and floors. 

How great is that crib? The tall ceilings add to the open and airy feel of this room. It doesn't seem the least bit crowded! 

I'm a fan of full-size beds in kids' rooms. It means there's plenty of room to snuggle and read books -- and can serve as a place for guests to sleep if you're low on spare rooms (raises hand!).  

I have a special place in my heart for shared girls' rooms, and this sweet space looks like just the place to create many lovely memories for these sisters. See all the info on this room at Babyccinco Kids.

I'd love to know if you're in favor of "adult" beds for kids. Why or why not? It feels like I slept in a twin until I got married. Is that crazy?



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Blues... Blueshark77

I like the crib, but there's not enough color in the room for my taste. I do like the idea of a big bed in my kid's room, especially for reading, but the room is too small and a double bed would leave little room for anything else.

LeeBe... LeeBee1976

I love the fireplace and wooden crib but the colors of the room are too muted in my opinion.


I don't like the crib in the oldest girl room I think the crib should be in the parents room in case of emergency and the baby would be waking the oldest child up during the night for feedings and that's not good if the child is in daycare or school.

nonmember avatar Erica

I'm guessing this house has plenty of spare rooms-- apparently enough to have a separate playroom where all the toys and typical kid-chaos are...? Where in this room would you store the dolls, stuffed animals, puzzles, etc???

mummy... mummyoftwins92

I like it but its very plain for a kids room, but I'm guessing they have a play room or something for all the toys. I wouldn't put a crib in an older child's room due to them waking all the time for feeds etc. It's hard enough having my twins in the same room when one refuses to sleep

Madam... MadameGarlic

Don't know if it would have stayed so pretty with my sweet little tornados in it, but I'd love to have that room in my house so I could chill out in it!

Tina Goff

Would look good in a magazine, not in a real house.  

TinyT... TinyTootiePie

For a woman maybe (not me), not little girls. It looks sad and cold. It doesn't look happy and cute and sunny the way children are supposed to be naturally. :(

Mae Clark

My 6 year old son has a full size bed in his room however his brothers room is a lot smaller so we will have to go with a twin in there. Whatever works.

mitty18 mitty18

Love it.

Kids rooms do not have to be all bright and in your face. This room looks very relaxed at hand calm. Judging by the lack of toys is probably meant to have that feeling. A place for sleeping and winding down.

As for the baby bed, my youngest has a baby bed in the room her and her sister share. She doesn't sleep in it but it's there for her when she is ready to sleep in it. Not all babies wake in the middle of the night. My youngest is the only one of my 3 who hadn't slept through the night night.

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