Emily Blunt Gives Birth & Baby's Name Is Magically Colorful

emily blunt john krasinskiThe day has finally arrived! Emily Blunt and John Krasinski welcomed their baby girl today! The adorable couple began dating in 2008, got engaged in 2009, and married in July of 2010. Now their sweet daughter has made her entrance in 2014.

It was revealed recently that Emily and John spent $35,000 on baby stuff including a $6,024 Aspen Custom Pink Velvet Regency Glider nursing chair. Hey ... whatever. Maybe that's just gossip, but if you have the dough and really want a fancy glider that fits your rump just so then why not? But let's not get caught up in those details. Let's inside rejoice over the oh so adorable and colorful name they gave their baby girl. Krasinski shared the big news via Twitter.


Hazel! They named their little darling Hazel. This name feels old timey and new at the same time. It's bewitching and beautiful! Great choice.  I love that the name Hazel is a color, too. Hazel eyes -- I wonder if she'll have them. It's also nature-inspired as in hazelnut. And what's more delicious than Nutella? Of course, there's Witch Hazel that people like to use for all sorts of things and just having the word "witch" with it gives it a sort of mysterious feel.

Julia Roberts' daughter, a twin, is also named Hazel.

Congrats to Emily and John and welcome Hazel!

What do you think of the name Hazel?


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choco... chocolat-smiles

Congrats to them!!! And yeah for not choosing a ridiculous name for their child as many celebs do nowadays.

2nino... 2ninos4me

Congrats to them and I loveeee the name :)

lalab... lalaboosh

Aww, Hazel is beautiful! I love color names! I had Amber Rose on my baby name list, they're from the names of some dear ladies in my life.

matti... mattiehatter

Hazel was mine and my husband great grandmother's name. Two very hard headed and strong women. Should we have a daughter we plan to name her after them.

Susan Delly

Cute name.  My mom wanted to name me Autumn and I always wished she had.  The word autumn is very colorful to me, too. :-)

Lilylady Lilylady

All I can think of is that old tv show with Hazel the maid -- don't like it, but it's their baby and the get to choose what they want.

nonmember avatar Penelope

I agree. Reminds me of the old maid Hazel. Sounds like a granny name. Don't like it AT ALL. Not related to me though.

nonmember avatar jane lynch

I dont like the name Hazel at all but I suppose it is slightly better than some of the outlandish names "celebs" give their kids. I find it very old fashioned but not in a cute way like Daisy and Milly. I dont think she will like it when she grows up - I wouldnt

nonmember avatar Saffron

Absolutely horrible. Whatever was going through their minds. How can anybody think it is beautiful??????

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