Soleil Moon Frye's Baby Name Is Music to Our Ears

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Soleil Moon FryeWell my friends, Soleil Moon Frye just became a mom for the third time, as she and her husband Jason Goldberg welcomed their new baby boy earlier this week. Her little guy actually wasn't so little -- weighing in at a whopping nine pounds!

It may have taken them a few days before she was finally ready to release any more details, but just wait until you hear what Soleil named her son.

Hint -- it's probably not a name you're expecting. (Even though she is a celeb.)

Are you ready for this one?

Lyric. Lyric Sonny Roads Goldberg.

Kind of cute, right? While it's not a name most people would choose for a baby boy, it fits in with Soleil and her family perfectly.

First of all, her name is the French word for sun, so it's cute how "Sonny" and "Soleil" kind of go hand in hand.

Second, her two daughters are named Poet and Jagger, so "Lyric" seems to complete the trio in a very fitting way. At least Poet and Lyric are along the same lines -- and then Jagger is just a cool name any which way you look at it.

Oh, and I'm also digging that all three of the kids' names have two syllables. Poet. Jagger. Lyric. Flows nicely ... don't you think?

Congrats to Soleil and her family -- and welcome home Lyric!

What do you think of Soleil's baby name?


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BatMom. BatMom.

Love it! And yay for a boy!

nonmember avatar Kaydee

LOVE his name! So fitting! And I also love the the girls names, always have! I Think when your mom's name is Soleil, and being able to rock the name she was given, naming like Heather and Joe would be bland and unoriginal. Unique names that are not off the wall crazy <3 And wishing them the best through the adjustment!

Caitlin Renee Sailors

Heather thats your opinion. I'm sad about your name. So common.

nonmember avatar alyssa

My oldest daughters middle name is Poet!!!

nonmember avatar Grace

Caitlin, you're rude. Heather is a beautiful Scottish flower. Maybe there's a lot of Heathers, but so what? Just means that it's a well-loved name. Rather like Grace ;-)

nonmember avatar christy

Those are not names. What is wrong with people?? The kid has to live with the name forever. Coco? Apple? Lyric? Poet? Their babies..not dogs.

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