To Co-Sleep or Not to Co-Sleep?

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The debate about the safety of co-sleeping goes on. According to Fit Pregnancy, two new reports were recently issued, which just add to the confusion. Researchers in Britain found that sharing a bed with a baby 6 months or younger does not increase the risk of SIDS. However, it is dangerous if other factors are involved, such as drugs, alcohol, and extreme tiredness.


Meanwhile, here in the U.S.A., Texas officials revealed that 170 children, almost all of them younger than 6 months, died while co-sleeping with a parent, sibling, or caregiver in fiscal year 2008.

Fit Pregnancy promotes co-sleeping as long as certain precautions are followed, such as:

1. Do not sleep with your baby if either you or your partner smokes or has ingested alcohol or drugs.

2. Do not place loose pillows or soft blankets near the baby's face.

3. Place the baby to sleep on her back.

Check out The Family Bed for more safety measures to take when co-sleeping.


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