Prince George Photographed for First Time Since Christening! (PHOTO)

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kate middleton with prince george christeningEver since we last saw Prince George at his christening, the whole world has been waiting for another glimpse of the royal bouncing baby boy. Well, finally, we have it! Err, well, Hello magazine does, in exclusive photos of the future King of England, and as their coverline points out, "Hasn't he grown!"

The cover features one shot of the Duchess looking relaxed and casual as she carries George on the island of Mustique, where the two are taking a "holiday." So cute!

Check it out ...




hello magazine prince george kate middleton

Awww! Slash WOW. Can you believe how big he's gotten?! It seems like just yesterday he was that little tiny bundle in a blue blanket being debuted in front of St. Mary's. What a mind-boggling reminder how time flies and how, in an instant, an infant is a baby and then ... ZOMG, soon, a toddler?!?! Craaazy.

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Guess we've just gotta accept that soon, the royal baby won't be a baby anymore. Before we know it, Prince George will be taking his first steps and looking like a little man. Ahh! How wonderful for Kate and William, not to mention the rest of the us looking and loving on the cherished little prince.

What's your reaction to the new glimpse of Prince George?


Images via Allpix/Splash News & Hello Magazine

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nonmember avatar Kimber

I wish we got to see him more often, even if it was just photos that the family shared (instead of paparazzi shots).

Ghett... GhettoKoolAide

That's not Kate. It's also the uk version of the enquirer. Derpy Derp

nonmember avatar Aquarela

Go to Mustique, wear the iconic French top. His name is George Alexander Louis? (Gaul? GAL?) Will his mates at Eton call him gal?

nonmember avatar Sarah

He wasn't debuted in a blue blanket outside the hospital it was white

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