Fergie Demonstrates How to Wear Heels & Hold a Baby (PHOTO)

fergieSome of us can barely wear heels without feeling like toppling over. Then there are the professionals. You know who they are -- or who you are. Heels with jeans. With dresses. With minis. Heels in snow. Heels when pregnant. Heels at the playground. Hello heels!

I don't want to call myself a professional because while I do wear them everywhere, I have had some mishaps. Not Fergie though. Not that we know of anyway.


Earlier this week, 38-year-old Fergie was doing a photoshoot with Avon and her 4-month-old cutie Axl Jack was on set.  Can we just take a moment to look at her legs. That's what heels are for! Accentuates those gorgeous gams. That red dress is amazing and looks a little ouchie with the sequins which is why I think it appears she's holding Axl at a slightly awkward angle. Plus, who know what that dress cost! 

But she is at ease with the heels. Like I said, if you're a professional holding a baby and rocking 4-inch stilettos is no big thing. Fergie wears heels like this and dances and sings on stage. A little baby is nothing. I guess we can attribute all of that to looking so fabulous and fit. It takes core strength to pull off heels all the time. At least that's what I like to tell myself.

I'd love to see her at the playground. I wonder what she wears there.

Do you wear heels when doing "mom" things?


Image via Fergie/Instagram

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