A Magical Fairy Tale Nursery for a Beautiful Baby Girl

There's are so many delightful details in this gorgeous nursery for little Eulalie, I can hardly wait to share. Click through for all the info below!


As a name choice, Eulalie is quite vintage and anything but common, which makes me so happy as I'm a big fan of oldies but goodies. I think you'll find this room to be along those same lines. 

Such lovely light, and I'm obsessed with the Bohemian-inspired hanging fixture and cushioned seating area. Such a delightful alternative to a spare bed in the room, and the perfect spot to cuddle and read. 


This distressed green dresser was the inspiration behind the entire room. Eulalie's mom found it before she ever existed and had plans to place it in her future nursery all along. It's quite a statement piece and looks right at home. 

Thoughtful details and knick-knacks found here and there. The shelving unit above works for both form and function with room for display, organization, and storage too.  

Eulalie's crib was handmade by her mother's grandfather when her mom was a wee babe. What a sweet connection -- and one that is to be cherished on so many levels. It's just beautiful and made even more ethereal by the canopy hanging above. 


A suspended branch makes for a magical place to hang little clothes and display tiny shoes.

So many sweet things found in this space! I find myself reminiscing fondly about the wonder and delight that comes along with the arrival of a teeny baby girl. And I love the story behind the green dresser and how it came to be the anchor in this nursery, along with the heirloom crib.

Have you ever used a family heirloom or piece with special meaning in your own nursery design? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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