Creepy Trend Alert: Turning Ultrasound Photos Into Fetus Figurines

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3d babyJust had a baby? Congratulations! How are you planning to share the news with your friends and family? You could print out a photo of your baby. OR! You could print out 3D replicas of your baby so the grandparents can hold your little darling in their arms. And it's not even creepy! Much. Actually, it's super creepy.

A tech company will make custom 3D printouts of your baby (or your unborn child) for just a few hundred dollars. You can get that in life-size or miniature. Because what makes a better paper weight than a mini-version of a newborn naked baby? That's what I thought.

In case it's not already clear, I am definitely creeped out by this idea. But why? It's basically the same thing as a doll. It's just that it happens to be modeled after one specific real-life child. And yet, EW.

I think it's just uncanny to see an inanimate object that so closely resembles a living person you know intimately. I kind of think wax figures of celebs are creepy, too. For that matter, mannequins scared me as a child. And honestly, I never even liked playing with baby dolls. I don't think it's just me -- anyone else?

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The babies are made using an ultrasound to get the shape and position of your baby. The printed-out result is flesh-colored with some realistic tinting, but you don't get hair or eyelashes. Oh, and you get your choice of skin color -- light, medium, or dark. Not exactly the United Colors of Benetton, but I guess it's probably more cost-effective to buy three shades of, um, what are those babies made of, anyway?

If I had money to burn, I think I'd buy a few of these to give out just for laughs. I think people would get a kick out of them. But there may be people who sincerely love the idea and want a three-dimensional reminder of what their newborn (or almost-born) baby looked like.

Would you want a 3D printout of your baby?


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nonmember avatar Mimi

I would do this cuz I'm planning on only having one so I want to treasure as much as possible.

nonmember avatar Amanda

I would have had it been available and I could afford it but I'm not having any more babies so I won't be able to but I might consider it for my grandbabies when my kids eventually have babies themselves

aireeno aireeno

I wish I could have done this for our daughter we lost in December. What a treasure it would have been.

nonmember avatar Rachel

These would be great for my sister-in-law because she is blind, but cherishes her babies

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