Scary Map Shows What Happens When Parents Don't Vaccinate Kids

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Few issues can divide parents and cause fury as quickly as the debate over whether children should be vaccinated for diseases like measles, rubella, and pertussis, or whooping cough. Those opposed to vaccinations often believe the ingredients used to create them can cause autism and that a child's immune system is strengthened when he or she is forced to fight off diseases rather than be protected against them. On the opposite side of the fence, parents who choose to vaccinate their children may not always feel 100 percent comfortable with the risks that can be involved with these shots but have decided that the benefits of warding off dangerous diseases far outweigh the hazards. 

Regardless of how you feel about vaccinations, it's difficult to dismiss cold hard facts. A new map released by the Council on Foreign Relations clearly shows the effect the anti-vaccination movement is having on children and adults in the U.S. And it ain't pretty. 

According to the data, which looks at "vaccine-preventable outbreaks" between 2008 and 2014, known cases of measles, mumps, and whooping cough have exploded in the United States and Europe. The anti-vaccination movement is being blamed for the increase in avoidable diseases. Here's the map:

The green circles represent cases of whooping cough -- and it's clear to see almost all of the cases have occurred in the U.S. The red dots represent measles, brown is mumps, and blue is rubella.

Plain and simple, this is not okay. Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are putting those who haven't been vaccinated yet, like babies, at risk. They are also potentially affecting people whose immunizations haven't worked. This is a public health issue and your choice to not vaccinate your child affects those around you.

I also find it heartbreaking that anyone with children in this country would let them needlessly suffer when parents in many parts of Africa would kill to have access to vaccinations. 

What do you think of this map? Did you vaccinate your children?


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Robin Hartman

 If we all could time travel back 100 years and see all the sickness and deadly disease that has been eradicated thanks to vaccines people might change their minds. Or just go to other countries where kids are dying from vaccine preventable diseases every day. How scary it must have been when my parents were little to be worried about polio and the iron lung! My son has mild autism and it's not like I didn't have any concerns. It's just the benefits outweigh the risks. That 1 flawed study about vaccines causing autism was wrong. I'm glad my kids are vaccinated, but to each his own I guess. It will be interesting to see what happens when our kids are having kids. I bet this won't be goog.

miche... micheledo

Ugh.  Do some research.  I don't know much about the other diseases mentioned, but the whooping cough vaccine was changed in the 80's because there were too many bad side effects to the one used.  Since then, there have been more cases of whooping cough and it is more likely to occur in those who recieved the 'new' vaccine.  It is NOT as effective.  The new vaccine is most likely the cause of higher numbers of people catching whooping cough.

My oldest had whooping cough the summer of 2012.  I NEVER would have even thought he was sick (maybe just an allergy cough it was so slight) except that one of my other kids started whooping.  Then we realized it was whooping cough.  That makes me think that the vaccinated may be spreading whooping cough much more then any unvaccinated kid.  Those that are vaccinated can have a very light case of it and walk around infecting those around them and never know they have something so serious!

nonmember avatar Lizz

I wish more people understood the effects of NOT vaccinating. I simply loved one of the previous articles from the view point of someone who never had vaccines and how her life was.....ALWAYS sick. And how now since she has had so many antibiotics from not getting vaccines she is highly resistant. VACCINATE your children. Even if you don't give them all at once (I don't, I separate them out and only give 2 at once then go back later for the others) you are protecting yours and other children.

nonmember avatar Jlw1403

Wow micheledo, sounds like you're the one who needs to do some research. That was such an ignorant comment.

jayha... jayhawk00

micheledo - Lol. That was the most unintentional provaccination comment I have heard in a while.  Yes, the vaccinations your kids received for pertussis absolutely helped them.  They were able to barely have any symptoms and recover easily. Because they were vaccinated.  See where I am going with this one? Vaccinate.  

miche... micheledo

Um, I get that.  Completely.  But the point is that the vaccine has changed and even the CDC suspects that is why whooping cough is spreading around our country.  NOT because of the unvaccinated.

My comment was just to give facts - unlike this article.  Make your own decision about vaccinating.  I really don't care.  But don't do it based on fear that comes from untrue statements.

Ajack324 Ajack324

Ugh, when will people learn that the study linking autism with vaccinations was completely flawed and incorrect. There was alot of coverage on it when it was debunked as ridiculous. Parents doing their research should've at least heard about this and looked into it. It's kinda sad that they've not seen it or chosen to ignore it.

emmy526 emmy526

Did pharma pay The Stir to put this filth on here?

Jenny Palmer-Gray

I vaccinate my kids and think that everyone should have to do it except in extreme cases where the person is allergic to the vaccine. I think it is irresponsible not to vaccinate your kids and you are putting all of us at risk for getting seriously sick. I have all my vaccines but unless I get sick I don't know that those vaccines have worked. I also have a 7 month old and trust me if my child gets sick and I can trace it back to some irresponsible parent there will be consequences. One of my favorite quotes at the moment is that you are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of that choice.

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