Laura Linney Had Her First Baby at 49 After Keeping Entire Pregnancy a Secret

So Laura Linney had a baby. Did you know she was even pregnant? No, you didn’t, because no one did! Well, presumably she knew, along with her husband, doctor, and I’m sure her inner circle, but somehow she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret from the rest of the world.

Linney’s rep confirmed to Us Weekly that the Big C actress and her husband Marc Schauer welcomed a son named Bennett on January 8. It’s the first child for the 49-year-old new mom, which may explain why no one thought to attribute her absence from the public sphere to pregnancy.


Linney hasn’t been seen in public since June -- not even to accept her fourth Emmy in September. Matt Damon accepted on her behalf, joking, “She's such a great actress that she didn't even need to show up.”

By the way -- that picture of her in the black dress above? That's from last June. Bennet is baking away in there, and no one had a clue!

In October, she gave a phone interview just prior to the release of her film, The Fifth Estate. She vaguely alluded to taking time off, and mentioned all the Netflix she’s been watching. “I’ve watched House of Cards in, like, two days,” she claimed. She failed to mention the bun in the oven.

Did I mention that no one even freaking knew she was pregnant? I just can’t get over it. I’m guessing that she and her hubs decided to keep it on the DL until they were sure everything was good to go, since having a baby at 49 is a bit more complicated than at 29. Maybe there was a scare here or there, and by the time they decided to go public, they thought -- you know what would be fun? Let’s just surprise the heck out of everyone!

Little Bennet may have more mature parents, but this stunt proves they are totally fun-loving enough to raise a kid.

Congrats to the happy family!

How long did you keep your pregnancy under wraps before you spilled the beans?

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