This Wonderfully 'Wild' Nursery Has Some Surprises in Store for Baby

You know a nursery is bound to be rad when there's a print with an Andy Warhol quote involved. Baby Benjamin is a lucky little guy to have this stylish nursery to call his own. I'm drawn to the whitewashed floors and amazing light fixture. Click through to see more below!

Even though it's not a large space, all the essentials are here. 

How do you feel about graphic animal prints on your baby's bed sheets? I mean, it's a fawn. They're so adorable, how could you go wrong? 

Check out the tiny treasures on the shelves. I love the random bursts of stars scattered around on the walls. They coordinate well with the star on the crib and the tiny star garland you can see a little bit of below. 

More graphic fun, but with a pillow this time. This kid's got a head start on his own collection of wild friends! (I'm assuming the pillows are removed by the time the baby actually is in the crib, so don't fret.) That blanket looks oh-so-soft, and I do appreciate a good Swiss Cross.

It's easy to spot the Scandinavian influence in this room, but I think Benjamin's mom did a great job of mixing in a lot of personal style to warm things up. 

There are a lot of grown-up elements found here which I think translate well into a nursery space, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Is this space young enough for a baby, or too mature for your taste? Let's discuss!

*See the entire room and more details here at Penelope Home.



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Love the floors and the color scheme but is that a dropside crib??? And the pics hanging directly over the crib  would make me a little uneasy. All in all though, the design is simple and I do like it!!

Firen... Firenygirl180

That's awesome! I worlds have loved something like this for my kids nurseries, but we couldn't really decorate because we were renting.

Railr... RailroadGirl

What's wrong with a drop side crib? I think its a great mix of baby and grown up. I don't care for light colored carpets though.

MWood18 MWood18

I think it's a bit.drab, and there's a drop.side crib and wall art above the crib! that is not safe.


RailroadGirl, dropside cribs have been named a major safety hazard and are no longer sold.  :)

Renee Hernandez Maples

cute elements, but that chair, table, and crib are not safe. AND WHAT'S WITH THE WHITE??
Every single damn "nursery" you bloggers post, is covered in WHITE. It's completely impractical for a real nursery. This stuff only works in magazines

nonmember avatar Britt

I have to say that the print over the crib is a bit much.
I think one should encourage reading as early as possible.

Roxygurl Roxygurl

Jackie they are banned in the US but that doesn't mean they are banned in other countries.

Ms.Pt... Ms.Pteranodon

I think it is very sterile and blah.

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