A Very Good Case for Spacing Out Your Child's Vaccines

vaccineI'm not anti-vax, but there have been times when I refuse vaccines if my child is sick -- immune system compromised. I prefer spacing them out as well. No need to overload my children's system all at once. I don't mind returning to the pediatrician to stay on a vax schedule I feel is right for my family. I know all parents have their own beliefs, just like doctors do, and we all just hope we're making the right decisions when it comes to this controversial topic.

But then there's news that when two certain vaccines are given together, your child's risk of fever increases and make us question everything again.

There are potential side effects whenever any vax is given, but researchers found that the risk of "transient fever" (short lasting) increased threefold when flu and pneumococcal vaccines were given at the same time. The fever usually came on that day or the day after the shot. This was recorded in children 6 months to 5 years old.

The fevers weren't severe and so far the study didn't notice anything to cause a lot of alarm, but it still raises eyebrows. Are we giving too many shots at the same time? Are doctors pushing that? My twins just had their well visit and it was suggested that the shots they are supposed to get at 5-years-old can be given now so I don't have to come back next year. No thanks. I'm not one to rush my kids with milestones, and I'm certainly not going to give them vaccines meant for 5 years old when they are 4. Makes you think.

Do you space out vaccines? Does this study scare you?


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nonmember avatar LISA

The ONLY thing that scares me is that you may have persuaded some ditzy parent to not vaccinate their child .... VACCINATE YOUR DAMN KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

sassy... sassykat122

I don't space my childrens vaccines but i would much rather you space the vaccines than not get them at all.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

This article is weird... a mild to moderate short lived fever is a possible side effect for nearly all vaccines.. Why are we raising eyebrows at this?

However, I do agree that a 4 year old should not be getting a vax intended for an older child. If your doc is pressuring you in ways like this you might need a new doc..

nonmember avatar lilysmom

Lisa-demanding or commanding people to vaccinate is wrong on ur point. If u believe vaccination protects children then urs should be fine. However I will not vaccinate my daughter because I don't believe they really are worth the risk they pose, this is because I don't believe they work. And as a parent I have that right. She is my daughter and her health is my concern. So making blanket statements such as "VACCINATE YOUR KIDS" is both rude and unnecessary because the parents who don't believe in vaccines are the same ones to roll their eyes at such statements

NoWei NoWei

Ms Zipp, if you believe your doctor is trying to harm your kids by rapidly pushing vaccines then I must question why you'd continue seeing this doc. So either you're stupid or crazy. Neither speaks highly about you. 

nonmember avatar Amanda

My 6 month had a seizure after 6 vaccines at once. I was promised this was "totally safe." Listen, I tried it their way and now I do 1 at a time.

ds79 ds79

Oh shut up Lisa

Krystian Kaufold


When your child gets sick and can't fight that diease off as easily or dies, you'll be preaching another tone. Those vaccs do work, it's parent like you who got a tampon up your ass, and you should probably get it out. 

I will get all of my children vaxd on time and when they are due. Vaxs, don't protect you from getting a certain diease, it's just there to help fight the diease off easier/faster.

Lawry Crosby

While not anti vax I was leery as hell about them when my son was born in 08 especially since the whole vax = autism train of thinking was high on evey media outlets' radar....I opted for a delayed schedule starting at age 4 when my son was capable of communicating immediately if something was amiss... While I consider them a necessary evil I do think we as parents should be able to control the amount given and when to give..I fully stahd by my decision to wait til he was older on the off chance he had an adverse reaction

Sheena Jones

For all those who think vaccines do not work: Please look at the countries around the world who would love to have these LIFE saving vaccines!  Like Africa where children die everyday of disease we have all but completely gotten rid of. May be you would like your child to get whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella and ect...Take a look at the sypmtoms of those diseases and then get back to me about how dangerous a mild fever or even the RARE risk of side effects from vaccines. I for one don't want my kids dieing of a preventable disease and knowing I could have saved them just by giving them a shot.

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