A Very Good Case for Spacing Out Your Child's Vaccines

vaccineI'm not anti-vax, but there have been times when I refuse vaccines if my child is sick -- immune system compromised. I prefer spacing them out as well. No need to overload my children's system all at once. I don't mind returning to the pediatrician to stay on a vax schedule I feel is right for my family. I know all parents have their own beliefs, just like doctors do, and we all just hope we're making the right decisions when it comes to this controversial topic.

But then there's news that when two certain vaccines are given together, your child's risk of fever increases and make us question everything again.


There are potential side effects whenever any vax is given, but researchers found that the risk of "transient fever" (short lasting) increased threefold when flu and pneumococcal vaccines were given at the same time. The fever usually came on that day or the day after the shot. This was recorded in children 6 months to 5 years old.

The fevers weren't severe and so far the study didn't notice anything to cause a lot of alarm, but it still raises eyebrows. Are we giving too many shots at the same time? Are doctors pushing that? My twins just had their well visit and it was suggested that the shots they are supposed to get at 5-years-old can be given now so I don't have to come back next year. No thanks. I'm not one to rush my kids with milestones, and I'm certainly not going to give them vaccines meant for 5 years old when they are 4. Makes you think.

Do you space out vaccines? Does this study scare you?


Image via Daniel Paquet/Flickr

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