New Over-the-Top 'Baby Monitor' Is a Neurotic Mom's Dream Come True

So there’s a smart onesie for your baby now, because apparently all the things must be smart now. No dumb, non-techy clothes for trendy babies anymore. All the data must be gathered! Or something.

Seriously though, there is actually a new baby-monitoring product that exists in the form of a onesie that can track your infant’s temperature, activity level, respiratory patterns, and maybe even schedule poop times. Just kidding on that last one. I think.


Rest Devices showed off the wearable technology at the famed Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, and their area of the Intel booth ended up being one of the most crowded ones there.

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There’s an Intel chip inside the little turtle clip-on that retrieves the data from two green stripes on the front that are actually respiratory sensors. It then sends the information to an app on your iPhone or Android. One of the founders of Rest Devices said, “You can look at your smartphone and know that everything is OK.”

Or, you know, you could look at your baby.

Is this taking technology too far? Aren’t we neurotic enough parents as it is? Could this lend itself to even more worry? How many breaths per minute now? Is that more than normal? Less than normal? How was she breathing last week? Is it allergies? Doctor, save me, my child is breathing at different rates at different times of the day and that obviously means she has RSV and I have the data log to back it up!

Then again, if you’re already a neurotic parent, maybe this is just another way to reassure yourself that baby is indeed still alive.

What do you think? Would you put your baby in one of these to track his vitals?

Image via Adam Baker/Flickr

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