Jessica Simpson Shares Gorgeous Pic of Son -- OMG He's Her Twin (PHOTO)

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson doesn't share too many photos of her children, so when she puts something online, we pay attention. Jess recently posted a pic of her youngest child, Ace Knute, and hooohhh myyyy gooooddddd is he adorable.

And is it just me, or does Ace look like Simpson? Like, exactly? What a lucky little dude! Not that there was any chance whatsoever of this child being unattractive; it was always a win-win for little Ace. But still: Twins!

Jessica tweeted the cute black-and-white snapshot of her 6-month-old son, along with the caption, "My snuggle bug." And to be honest, the first thing thing that came to mind when I saw this pic was, "I want to snuggle with that baby!" But after that, I thought, "Man, I really don't see any of Jessica's fiance, Eric Johnson, in him. All I see is Simpson through and through." But as we all know, that will probably change, as babies' looks and resemblances seemingly evolve overnight. My daughter looked very little like me when she was born, but now we're kinda twinsies. And I'm sure that will change. And, weirdly, when I look back at photos of when she was a newborn, I see my mother-in-law, which I never, at the time, saw at all. Cool story, right?! You're totally reading this article to hear about what my baby, whom you've never met, looked like, right?!

Anyway, I'm sure the next time we see Simpson's son, he'll look completely different and equally cute. But Jess ought to really soak these moments up, because, man, if I've ever seen a snuggle bug, Ace is it. Adorbs!

Who does your baby look like?


Image via Jessica Simpson/Twitter

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evilekat evilekat

Yep he a baby. Cute but come on, its not news worthy.

Marri... MarriedMyPrince

Yep lots of babies are cute. This one just happens to be Jessica Simpson's baby. No its NOT news worthy but he is adorable.

nonmember avatar Ariel

Yes. The baby is cute but mine are cuter!


I think the only newsworthy thing about this picture is his says, to me, "Come onnnnn Mom!  Can't I swing in peace without you "capturing" this moment????  Sheesh!"

Tina Goff

You could put a baby photo next to a total stranger and it would 'look just like' them.  Baby faces, while cute, are pretty generic.  Unless there is some kind of very stand out familial genetics, like a huge nose or odd eye color (violet eyes) then a baby could look like anyone.

nonmember avatar Hmm

Tiny guff. My son came out looking like daddy and is the splitting image of his daddy and no he doesn't have big nose or weird eye. I'm sorry your kids looks generic. But you can't say everyone's baby looks the same, cause I know full well no baby looks like my son.

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