Facebook Flags Breastfeeding Photo as 'X-Rated' -- Really?! (VIDEO)

marissa brown breastfeedingBreastfeeding photos on social media: Thoughts? Whether you love them and think they're beautiful or find them to be a gross display of exhibitionism, odds are you don't find them pornographic. Because that would be weird. I mean, sure, it's boobs and oh my god giggle giggle boobies, but it's a mom feeding her child (and the nipple isn't usually showing!). Unless I'm super sheltered, that's much different than any porn I've ever seen.

So why the heck did Facebook just flag another photo of a mother breastfeeding her baby -- and label it "pornography and nudity." I get that a bare breast is technically nudity, but porn? Really, Facebook?

Marissa Brown posted two photos of herself nursing her daughter. The first was flagged as pornography and nudity, and the second, in which she explained her reasoning for posting the first photo, was flagged as hate speech. "I’m not anti-formula. I’m not anti-anything. I’m pro-breastfeeding. I’m pro-taking care of your child in any way that suits your family best," she told KCAL9. Brown has left the photos up and has no plans to take them down, as Facebook "allows" women to post photos of children breastfeeding on their pages. Why do I put "allows" in quotes? Because, think about it, how many stories have you heard in the past year or so of Facebook taking down photos/giving moms crap for posting nursing pics on the site? I know they'd never do this because of the horrendous publicity they'd get, but if they're going to constantly flag/report/take down breastfeeding pics on Facebook, don't allow them in the first place! There's always an issue with these types of photos. Always.

While I'm not the type of person to upload a photo of myself breastfeeding to the Internet, I really, truly don't think photos like this are indecent -- and they're most certainly not pornographic. And I haven't had a Facebook account for quite some time, but last time I checked, there were photos on there much more "porny" than a mom nursing her child.

It's all or nothing, Facebook. If you're going to constantly have issues with breastfeeding pics, don't allow 'em. And if you're cool with 'em, then just let them be. And for those people so offended by a photo of a mom feeding her baby, just unfriend them. It really is that simple.

Did you ever post breastfeeding pics to Facebook? Why or why not?

Image via KCAL9



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nonmember avatar Emmie

No, I haven't. Nursing my kids was special time between us to feed and relax - it never occurred to me to whip out my phone, take a selfie, and post it on the internet.

Roxygurl Roxygurl

So if its not a big deal why is it blurred out in the video?

Kattey Kattey

I wouldn't post my breastfeeding online, but that's a personal decision. What I want from FB is consistency. If breastfeeding pics are flagged as pornographic, then so should pictures that are clearly meant to be justhisside of nude. This just seems like small potatoes compared to all the T&A and dick pics that people plaster everywhere.

wamom223 wamom223

So its ok that the news network blurred the pic.  If there isn't anything wrong with it why would they do that?

Nelli... NellieAthome

Ms Fabian-Weber - you do understand that it is not Facebook itself labeling the pictures as porn or nudity but Facebook users who are doing so resulting in an automatic message and/or removal of the photo until Facebook checks it out. Ditto the hate speech designation. Facebook is not trolling their customers Facebook pages and arbitrarily taking stuff down on its own - the labels are the result of COMPLAINTS by Facebook users......

Choco... Chocodoxies

The concept that "her nipple wasn't showing" is ridiculous. How many pictures of men, shirtless, nipples blazing do we see daily on facebook? Yeah...

Every man, who has nipples he will never use to nourish a child, is freely allowed to show those nipples without the added shame of blurring. Every woman is shamed by the blur. Your nipples are offense in and of themselves because you are a female.  Not because of your breast tissue, that isn’t blurred; you are being indecent because you are a woman. Also, breastfeeding is not "intimate time", usually it is just lunch.

For those of us that nurse aren’t shocked by a nursing mother. We don’t notice, and if we do we think nothing of it. We are not odd, we are adjusted. The whole country should be adjusted. The only thing that will normalize it is seeing  it.  Your children should see it so they feel comfortable trying to nurse their children, or supporting their wife in doing so. I am pro “feed your baby”  any way you want, but there is no denying that breast milk is preferable and our children need to grow up seeing a mother nurse a child as a normal and healthy option so that when they have children they are not uncomfortable but feel it is only natural.

Do you know where your children hang out the most? Facebook.

Krystian Kaufold

Chocodoxies, I do agree with you about that. 

But the media has made breasts a sexual item. 

I am all for breastfeeding, 100%, as it's the most natural, and the most healthy. 

But I really do not want to be out in at the mall or at dinner with my family, and see a women whip a tit out just because it's hungry....You can easily cover up and etc. I managed to cover myself up on Thanksgiving, using ONE hand, and no one helping me, because there were men and other people around. 

I think that breastfeeding mothers need to stop critizing and putting down formula fed mothers, and respect how others feel/opinions, and stop getting butt hurt when you are asked to cover up. 

Nelli... NellieAthome

Tell ya what Krystian - we'll make a law that breastfeeding women have to cover up when we also make a law that requires you and your children to eat in public with a blanket over your and your 3 year old's heads because I don't want to watch either of you eat in  public.... I am sure this requirement won't result in you getting "butt hurt when you are asked to cover up"

Or, just maybe, you could stop expecting the world to rearrange itself to suit you personally and learn to, oh I don't know, live and let live....

Mrseoc Mrseoc

I've never had the kahunas to post myself breastfeeding. Yes i get it.. eye roll ... "if people dont see it it never becomes normalized" excuse me for not wanting to be the pioneer in internet breastfeeding pictures. Forever those pictures will be owned by god knows who. Pictures of your nipples... your baby's beautiful faces.

I know it's beautiful. Its bonding its lovelier than lovely. But its MINE. Those images are MINE forever. Once you post a picture on facebook.. it's owned. It can be sold or given away, downloaded by anyone who wants it.... and some creepers do want it.

More power to the women who post their breastfeeding pictures. I, like to take them, and print them and keep them forever, but i do not want them on the internet. Just imagine where those images could end up. That bonding moment you shared with your precious babe could end up on some sickos fetish internet page. EWWWW!!! I also advise against bathtime or naked time pictures on facebook... think before you post your pictures.

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