This Nursery for Baby Boy Has a Twist You Don't Normally See (PHOTOS)

This baby's bedroom belongs to a boy named Henry, and honestly, that makes perfect sense to me. Nothing fancy or overdone, just simple style and boyish charm. But his parents took a chance with the plaid theme -- do you think it works? See all the pics below!

Simple crib, vintage ship print. Perfectly lovely and uncluttered. 


The dresser is metal, a Craigslist find, given new life with some sanding and a fresh coat of green paint. Add a soft faux fur throw, and you've got yourself a changing table too. It's multi-purpose furniture at its finest!


I'm always interested in the things people choose to put on shelves. I can't think of a better display than well-worn books and a pair of tiny boat shoes. 

What else but plaid would work so well in this space? It's pretty much the perfect pattern for a laid-back room like this -- with an understated Moby Dick print to bring it all full-circle. 

This room makes me want to put on my flannels and a pair of warm socks. It's not fussy or cluttered, but simple and sweet. The green dresser is about the only bold pop of color to be found, but it's certainly eye-catching. The walls are neutral and the color palate pretty tame.

So clearly, I'm a fan! But I'd love to hear from you. More color? Less plaid? Let's discuss! 

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Joan Quinn Behrens

I honestly love the room. However, babies need stimulation for their mental development. Colors in their environment, such as on their walls and brightly colored mobiles on their cribs allow an infant to become more aware and alert as they grow.

nonmember avatar Shabana Geraght

Thats just a shame its looks cold and boring and no fun atal i feel for dat poor baby the books on the shelve r so old n prob coverd n jerms if u ask me i thibk those parents r middle age prison type! Wets the colours the excitmentt the fun

teddy... teddysmama09

Ummm no. This room looks like an old school hospital room. Very very boring. I may feel differently if there was at least a splash of colour on the walls, but the white walls, white crib and beige walls are just sad.

starl... starlight1968

I would imagine like a lot of us.. the room starts out looking like this and will eventually be adding other things over the months/ will be brighter too with that I'm sure...

nonmember avatar Kelly

Erm, no one wants to talk about that changing table??? Imagine trying to clean a newborn poo splatter off that fur! LOL. The room is not functional for a real life baby.

nonmember avatar Reh2002

It looks...frumpy. I guess it is the curtain dragging on the floor? The washed-out pallet with no balance? Maybe it would all look nicer if there were some paintings closer to the window side of the room?

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Sheepskin has to be the most ridiculous choice for a changing pad ever. I laughed at the fuzzy covers at babies r us and those are synthetic and short pile.

MWood18 MWood18

I would not put a shelf above where the baby would lay

Anoth... AnotherKim

I like it as a start. They'll probably add more as they go.  I'm not a big fan of "Baby Mickey" and cutesy shit like that. I also hated the black, white, and red that came out in the late '80's. My babies didn't stay in their rooms much anyway. I always had them playing on the floor in the living room.

Zoiks... Zoiksandaway

In the landd of earthquakes, no shelf is going anywhere over where baby sleeps or is changed. How do you clean a sheepskin after each changing? And the colors, to me look dreary and I think the green brown color looks a bit pooey. I like that everything is uncluttered.

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