This Nursery for Baby Boy Has a Twist You Don't Normally See (PHOTOS)

This baby's bedroom belongs to a boy named Henry, and honestly, that makes perfect sense to me. Nothing fancy or overdone, just simple style and boyish charm. But his parents took a chance with the plaid theme -- do you think it works? See all the pics below!


Simple crib, vintage ship print. Perfectly lovely and uncluttered. 


The dresser is metal, a Craigslist find, given new life with some sanding and a fresh coat of green paint. Add a soft faux fur throw, and you've got yourself a changing table too. It's multi-purpose furniture at its finest!


I'm always interested in the things people choose to put on shelves. I can't think of a better display than well-worn books and a pair of tiny boat shoes. 

What else but plaid would work so well in this space? It's pretty much the perfect pattern for a laid-back room like this -- with an understated Moby Dick print to bring it all full-circle. 

This room makes me want to put on my flannels and a pair of warm socks. It's not fussy or cluttered, but simple and sweet. The green dresser is about the only bold pop of color to be found, but it's certainly eye-catching. The walls are neutral and the color palate pretty tame.

So clearly, I'm a fan! But I'd love to hear from you. More color? Less plaid? Let's discuss! 

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