A Nursery Painted a 'Shocking' Color Turns Out to Be Perfect for Baby

Bright green walls aren't your typical baby room decor, so it's a good thing this nursery is anything but typical! See more photos from the eclectic space below: 


Green walls, white trim, white furniture. It totally works! The room is comfortable and inviting, and I find myself wanting to plop down on that big braided rug and read a book.   

Having a daybed in the room is a great idea. It's a good place to catch a few winks during those long newborn nights, and a better place to read and snuggle a few months down the line. Plus, you're good to go when it comes time to transition to a big bed! 

Alphabet cards and vintage prints make for simple and stylish wall art. Add some colorful pillows on top of the daybed and a sweet sock monkey, and you've got a bright and happy space ready to go.

It can really pay off when you stay true to your individual style and decorate the way that feels most comfortable to you and yours. Green walls are certainly a bold choice, but if that's what speaks to you, then by all means, go right ahead! 

Have you ever made a bold or non-traditional decorating choice when it came to decorating your child's bedroom? I'd love to hear about it!

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