14 Most Controversial 'Teen Mom' Parenting Moments of 2013

Farrah Abraham's daughter SophiaWhen MTV introduced Teen Mom to the world, the show was supposed to teach teens that it's not a good idea to become parents. But these days the show -- or some of its most scandalous stars anyway -- offers up plenty of warnings for parents! From waxing a toddler's eyebrows to shocking pregnancies, the Teen Mom stars have gotten themselves in many a parenting pickle over the course of 2013.

But hey, just think -- whenever you're feeling a little bummed because the baby's crying and you're about ready to tear your hair out, there's always one show on TV you can watch and instantly feel better about your parenting!

I hope you're ready to take a walk down memory lane with us, because we've got 14 of the most scandalous Teen Mom parenting moments of 2013 right here!

Can you believe number 11? Would you do that to your child?


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Alexa... AlexaAdams

Paisley is my daughter's name. It is far from weird. In fact it was in the top 100 names of 2013.

nonmember avatar Carl

She said it was weird because they spelled it with two E's. Which is how she spelled Aubree not because of the actual name.

Brandy Barnett

I would add Jenelle stopping child support payments while taking Nathan and not Jace to Disneyworld, Joey insisting on taking Molly for the weekend without any chances to breast feed and Farrah saying that her choices don't affect Sophia because they lead totally separate lives 

AliPa... AliParker

I actually think it looks cute spelled with the double e. 

@Brandy Barnett Joey should not be on the list. That's not weird or extreme parenting that he wanted to take his daughter for the weekend to, you know, be a dad! And his ex girlfriend flipped out because she could not follow her daughter to stick a nipple in her mouth. He is actually a good dad that works hard and stays in his daughters life consistently. A weekend is definitely not too much to ask. 

farrah is a moron, so is janelle. I feel badly for jade that she is having a second child without getting custody if him first. He is being replaced and will certainly feel so as he realizes it.

Mom2J... Mom2Just1

They're teen moms.  The fact they're having babies as teens should tell everyone they don't make the best decisions.  Their lack of carseat safety is enough for me to question their parenting skills.

Shelby Lynn

I was a teen  mom of my son Maciel...and i have another one on the way. River will never know his dad due to me not know who his dad is. But i wouldnt change anything.

nonmember avatar Kayla

I don't think it's weird at all for Mackenzie to let their son see anything to do with hunting. That's not violent at all, that's survival. Not everyone goes to the grocery store to buy their meat, some of us still hunt it ourselves.

nonmember avatar sian

Leah letting her little girls playing with TOY guns isn't bad...if little boys can play with them so can little girls

nonmember avatar Amanda

Personally all those other teen moms "controversial" moments are no big deal? Yes jenelle and Farrah's are since they are the worst, Mackenzie being pregnant again? So what she IS married and won't be able to have kids the older she gets. So two and done for her. Also with the deer, so what? I've been killing deer since I was 10, and been around them all my life, guess what, I turned out fine! And Leah letting the girls play with toy guns? Oh no!!! Let's not teach the girls you don't always have to play with girl toys! They will probably also hunt down the road so they'll learn gun safety. As far as kail nothing she did was wrong so. This controversy is a load of biased opinions. Most of them are good moms!

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