Kate Middleton Breaks the Rules to Travel With Prince George HER Way

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PRince William Kate Middleton Prince GeorgeWe've known for quite some time that their newest addition will be accompanying them on their upcoming trip to Australia and New Zealand, but supposedly Prince George will fly with Kate Middleton and Prince William on the same plane for the trip -- which is a major no-no when it comes to royal tradition.

Apparently William and Kate won't make a final decision about their travel plans until they are closer to their departure date -- but all signs point to them making the journey together.

The royal protocol has always been that direct heirs to the throne cannot travel on the same aircraft. But an aide supposedly told The Daily Mail that Kate and William plan on taking the flight together as a family with baby George in tow -- probably in an effort to cut down on costs.

But if I had to guess, I'd say the money factor probably has nothing to do with it. Um ... can you imagine making the journey all the way to Australia and New Zealand on a separate plane from your baby? Something tells me Kate probably isn't too keen on the idea of letting Prince George board a flight without her -- as that's something that would make any mother uneasy.

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Think about it for a second. How would you feel getting on one plane while your infant got on another, only to reunite with him halfway across the globe several hours later? What's she supposed to do -- have him jet off with the nanny? Royalty or not, that really just isn't an ideal scenario for any parent.

And I guess theoretically she and George could take a different plane than Wills -- but anyone who has ever flown with a baby will tell you the more extra sets of hands you have, the better.

I don't blame Kate for one second for wanting to break the rules. And honestly, we really shouldn't be all that surprised, considering what a down-to-earth and "normal" mom she is -- even though we know she's most definitely in a different league than the rest of us.

Would you ever travel on a different plane than your baby and/or husband?


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lizhalee lizhalee

Why, if William and George cannot fly on the same plane, would you assume that Kate would fly with William over George? It's like you completely ignored the option that Kate could fly with George and William could fly by himself.

adamat34 adamat34

Liz....I was thinking the same thing.....

nonmember avatar Scarlet

Please research before you write, don't just assume Daily Mail is correct. Charles and Diana were the first to break with tradition by flying with William to Australia, and it was CHARLES who insisted.

nonmember avatar Ashley

Why is that poor baby BOY in a dress????????

nonmember avatar TashB

Kate and George can fly in one plane and William in the other,problem solved.

Rachel A Quayle

For obvious reasons they try not to, I've read that this is at the insistence of the Queen. However, when he was a baby he flew to Australia on the same plane as his father because his mother didn't want the family separated. I wasn't alive at the time so I have no idea what people thought about this, but I can imagine it caused a bit of controversy. 

They flew on the same plane one other time, this was when the Queen Mother died, the Queen gave them permission to fly home from vacation on the same plane so they could get back to their family quickly. 

nonmember avatar carla

The "poor baby boy" is in a Christining gown. His intro to the church

Kennyatta Pridemore

The reason for heirs to fly separately is because if a plane was to crash then there would still be a heir to the throne. 
Ashley it's a Christening gown a roy al tradition

nonmember avatar AlexK

wow Ashley how can one person be so ignorant? it is a christening gown. and you're rude. not up to you what anyone else's kids wear.

waity... waitykate


NOT !!!

Princess Diana and Prince Charles took baby William to Australia back in the 1980's...THEY "broke the rules".   Diana was the one who turned the royals on their heads {well deserved too}, not Waity Kate.  If this "writer" wants to "write" why not do a little research first ?  William is creepy, he wants to BE Diana. Why doesn't he and his lazy wife forge their own new ideas ?

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