Airport Security Guard Makes Epic Dive to Save Falling Baby (VIDEO)

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airport security babyI don't know how many of us typically look at airport security guards as "heroes" so much as the people who instruct us to throw out our water bottles, but one airport security guard in Poland can 100 percent be called the former. Security agent Grzegorz Paczko was about 16 feet away from a father and baby when they were gathering their things up from the table after putting them through the x-ray conveyor belt. The father placed the baby on the table, and, because babies are wiggly, the baby fell off. But seconds before the kid hits the ground -- and I do mean seconds -- the security guard slides in out of nowhere and catches the little one. Seriously, it's crazy, and you need to see it. There hasn't been a catch like this since San Francisco Giants’ Kevin Mitchell's '89 bare-handed catch.

(Yes, I just Googled "Best baseball catches ever.")

Pretty crazy catch, huh? He came out of nowhere -- and thank goodness he did, because that baby could have been seriously injured!

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Parents, don't place your babies on countertops or anywhere high up. They're fast. Faster than you think. And wiggly. And odds are, when you're at home, there won't be a superhero airport security guard to swoop in and save the day.

Do you ever place your child on countertops? Do you ever put the Bumbo Seat on countertops?


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Katha... Katharine205

I love how the dad just casually starts to set the baby back on the counter...thank goodness for that security guard

lasombrs lasombrs

wow and he just casually finishes getting ready. I'd be all over the guard thanking him for helping me

lalab... lalaboosh

I put my kids on counters if I have my arms around them. No arms, no counter top.


WHAT A MORON. It didn't even looked like it phased him one bit, and he sets the baby RIGHT BACK ON THE TABLE. i cant tell if its the security guard that picks him back up from the table or the mother. but im sorry this man is a friggen jackass for doing that in the first place. i get that he needed to get his stuff back and jacket on, but common, do what pretty much every other mother does, hold the baby in one arm, grab the stuff in the other, and put one arm in the jacket and switch sides that the baby is on...i still cant get over the incompetence of this man.. i am so glad that security guard was there to catch that poor baby, that hard floor would have cracked his/her skull open.

Cyndi Kuhn

To be honest, I would have handed the baby off to someone else and punched the dad in the face and walked away.  Put the baby on the damn floor if you have to put them down! It's not like it was a CROWDED airport where the baby would be stepped on!

sterl... sterling21

Yea the dad would be beaten. I hope the security guard had some choice words for the idiot and he probably got hurt saving the baby and no thanks!

mason... masonmomma

Wow! If that's the father this poor child is destined for some issues as a result. Not only does he put them up there to begin with but is right there and seems oblivious to his child falling or about to, till the guard swoops in! Then puts the child back and continues in like he gives no shit! So sad.

mseelen mseelen

That gaurd was amazing.

kckcm2 kckcm2

Ill admit im on a tablet but I went to youtube to get a better view and I swear it looks like dad straight up knocked him off with that coat. Like the whack with the coat was the umph that caused him to actually topple off

Kattey Kattey

That was amazing.

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