Rainbow Colors Pop in Simple Sweet White Nursery

I can certainly appreciate a simply styled nursery and there's a lot to to like about this one. With clean white walls and colorful accents, you can bet baby Nixon feels right at home in this bright and airy space. 


A peacock blue comfy chair is the perfect statement piece, especially when paired with that amazing pouf. You might as well rest your feet in style during all those late-night snuggle sessions

The mobile made from felt balls is such a delight and so unique. How darling are those star sheets and the faux bear rug? So great!

The IKEA Expedit strikes again for the perfect functional mix of storage and display. I love all the bright colors in contrast with the white walls.  

Sweet touches and special artwork really personalize the room, which is kind of a key element when it comes to nursery design, don't you think? What would a room be without a little personality, especially when it comes to properly welcoming a wee one! 

I'm interested to hear about the kinds of personal touches you've included when putting together nurseries for your babies. Please share in the comments below! 

Images via Samantha Kelly Photography

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