Gisele Bundchen's Breastfeeding Photo as Done By 10 'Regular' Parents (PHOTOS)

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  • Multitasking Mom Studying


    Submitted Photo

    This photo was submitted by a reader: "I just got off work after an 8 hour day and I was studying for a human anatomy exam after a much needed shower."

  • Multitasking Mom Working


    Image via Jenny Erikson

    Jenny Erikson (a Stir Blogger) is working (go team!) while sitting in the California sun and watching her two girls ride their bikes (with helmets!) Go supermom!


  • Multitasking Mom Cooking


    Submitted photo

    "I was dragging a squeaky clean but, less than thrilled baby out of the bath while dinner was cooking." Yep. We've all been there. Hand in there, Mama! You've impressed us!

  • Multitasking Mom Hosting Company


    Submitted Photo

    From a reader: "This was my 2nd daughter. I was on my laptop and had company." Go mom! I sure hope that's coffee in that cup because nursing, drinking, and hosting call for a jolt.

  • Multitasking Mom Researching


    This is me (Sasha Brown-Worsham, editor at The Stir) holding my baby, about to nurse him, while my toddler goes for the computer where I am supposed to be researching an article that was due the next day. My guess is my left hand is trying to clean that messy couch, too! Ah, memories.

  • Multitasking Mom (With M&Ms)


    Submitted Photo

    We have ALL been here, right? Kids have a movie and dinner (or snack?!) Moms nursing and tired. JUST LIKE GISELE? Amiright?

  • Multitasking Dr. Mom


    Submitted Photo

    This woman is a doctor, a mom, and a champion multitasker. Look at her on the phone, stethoscope in hand, getting her daughter ready for school. Impressive? Yes. Also, just every day life.

  • Multitasking Mom Shopping/Napping


    Submitted Photo

    OK, so it's not mom who is getting a nap here, but this is killing two birds with one stone, right? As the mom who submitted it says: "Youngest daughter a few months old. I was multitasking... grocery shopping and nap time. 2 in 1 ." You go, mom!

  • Multitasking Dad


    Image via futurestreet /Flickr

    In the spirit of being fair to all, we have to give THIS dad major props. Here is his SUPER multitasking. On the phone, looking all hipster AND feeding his precious babe. Multitasking: It's not just for mamas.

  • Multitasking Mom (With Bonus Baby!)


    Image via tresross /Flickr

    This mom is feeding one, burping the other, purse open and full, and still manages a smile? She is AMAZING! Heroic! Deserving of cake and parties!

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