IKEA Recalls Popular Nursery Item After Baby Dies

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IKEA recalled lampsIKEA has some bad news for moms. The Swedish furniture giant has issued a recall of its children's wall lamps due to a serious strangulation hazard after a baby died. The SMILA lamps are popular in baby nurseries -- they can be mounted on a wall but don't require any electrical know-how because of the long cord that plugs right into a regular outlet.

Unfortunately, it's that long cord that has presented a danger to babies and prompted this serious recall. Do you have one of these in your child's room? Me too! And I know I've seen them in countless movies, mounted in the baby's nursery. But that doesn't make them safe.

Here's what moms need to know about this important recall:

1. Eight lamp models are affected by the recall, including the Stjarna star-shaped lamp, the Mane moon-shaped lamp, the Blomma flower-shaped lamps (both white and pink), the Hjarta heart-shaped lamp, the Bagge ladybug-shaped lamp, the Snakka seashell-shaped lamp, and the Sjohast seahorse-shaped lamp.

2. IKEA is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the United States to get the lamps out of children's rooms after the death of one 16-month-old baby in Europe who became entangled in the lamp's cord in the crib. Another baby, also in Europe, also became entangled in the cord and nearly died of strangulation.

3. The lamps were sold exclusively at IKEA stores nationwide, in IKEA’s catalog, and online at IKEA-USA.com from July 1999 through May 2013 for between $10 and $13.

4. Parents are being directed to first make sure the lamp cords are out of reach of small children and then to call IKEA for a free repair kit at 888-966-4532. The kit will give parents self-adhesive fasteners they can use to attach the lamp’s cord to the wall.

What kind of lighting do you have in your baby's nursery? Is there an IKEA lamp in there?


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wohth... wohthereturbo

Yet another recall due to parents negligence.

nonmember avatar nancywall

Ive been hearing these recall.stories with cords strangling. Who the hell would put a cord in babies reach! What makes you think " oh this lamp is pretty lets put it on the same wall as the baby... Oh better yet.. Put it right above the crib and plug it in right behind! Ugh... Cmon people! No cords! Babies and cords equals death

Agn Es

Common sense people!!!!! Keep it out of baby reach!!! Geeee, another recall because people don't use their brain

Kelsey Brafford

Although I admit that you are both correct, those are very heartless comments! I would never put a cord near my babies' cribs, but I'm sure the parents are already blaming themselves.. they don't need you doing it as well.

sarah... sarahbell811

Ugh, seriously?!?! This should be common sense...don't put the cord within reach of the baby! 

aimhawk aimhawk

Yeah, seriously I feel bad about the baby dying, but it was the parent's fault. If you put anything in your child's room you always make sure its secure.

Benja... Benjamins-mama

It's not the product, it's the parents not safely mounting these items and making sure the cord is secured to the wall. 

LilBa... LilBabyVulcan

That's not a bad product, that's shitty parental negligence. Common sense people, fasten the cords to the wall so baby can't get to them, and keep out of reach of children. 

nonmember avatar me

Im sorry a baby died, but recalling tge product? Just mount the cord into a wall with little cord hooks. Thats what my parents did, thats what I did, thats what ill encourage my kids to do in future. Dont expect the product to automatically be idiot proof and safe, take precautions. The product wasnt defective, the person using it didnt take right precautions with it.

nonmember avatar orphanblack

I have two of these in our nursery. Not near the baby and my husband tacked them back. I still called for the kits.

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