Christmas Card Tips

This weekend, I tried to take my baby's picture for our holiday card, and this is how most of them came out. Obviously I'm not a professional photographer. Fortunately, Cafe Cynthia interviewed pictureperfect, who is the owner of the Photo Moms group, for tips on taking a great holiday photo. She had some great suggestions.


1. Don't take a picture close to nap time, bedtime, or right after a meal.

2. If you shoot outside, don't do it in bright sunlight.

3. Have something handy to distract the baby—like a feather duster or toy.

4. Use simple staging ideas—nothing too fancy.

5. Forget perfection—let your baby's personality shine through. (How about the top of her bald head?)

6. Try a photo sharing site like

For more tips, check out Creative Holiday Card Ideas in the Toddler Buzz and read pictureperfect's journal post How to take really great Christmas photos.

And take this bit of advice from me: If your baby is mobile, have a wrangler there to help you. It's really hard to take the photo alone—trust me!

Have you taken your baby's picture yet? Did you do it yourself? Or did you hire a professional? Got any tips or stories to share?

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