6 Swaddling Blankets for Babies Who Like to Disguise Themselves as Other Cute Things (PHOTOS)

baby burritoI seriously can't believe it's taken this long for this to be invented, but a baby burrito swaddling blanket is finally here! As in, a swaddling blanket that looks like a tortilla and has a little cap with a knot to boot! How is this first coming out in 2013?! Since medieval times, moms and dads have been referring to their newborns in blankets as baby burritos. Oh, the cuteness!

If you're not into the baby burrito thing -- which, I'm guessing, is exactly zero people -- here are 5 other hilariously adorable swaddling blankets for baby! And you thought your newborn couldn't get any more precious all bundled up.


Image via Bon-Vivant Baby

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