'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Comes to Terms With the Sad Truth About Baby Lincoln

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Kailyn Lowry baby lincolnPoor Kailyn Lowry. The Teen Mom just gave birth to a baby boy a few weeks ago, and already she is facing a bitter pill of motherhood. Ever heard of the caveman paternity test? Looks like Kail's little guy just passed.

The theory is that babies come out of the womb looking just like dad to satisfy some sort of primordial need on the man's behalf to confirm that he really is the father. And when it comes to Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, well, you've seen the pictures, haven't you? He is husband Javi Marroquin's clone. Or as Kail put it this week:

Is it me or does Kail sound like she's laughing just to keep the tears from flowing?

Most moms hate admitting the baby looks like Dad instead of her!

Now, hold on. I'm not trying to create drama for the Lowry/Marroquin family. I'm sure she loves her little boy and Javi too, but having been there and done that, I know it's a little bittersweet.

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When the nurses handed my daughter to me in the hospital, I looked down the bridge of her nose and down to her little lips, and all I could see was my husband in her little face. I wanted to cry. Like Kail, I'm absolutely head over heels for my husband and daughter both. This is not some sign of my marriage headed for the crapper. I was a complete mess of hormones and exhaustion at the time (hello, just had a baby!).

But there's also something about carrying a baby in YOUR STOMACH for nine months that makes you feel like they're a part of you. When they come out looking like dad, it's a bit of a downer. You just did all that work -- you suffered the back pain and the constipation and the contractions ... and he gets all the glory?


The good news -- for Kail and all the rest of you ladies nursing hurt feelings that baby doesn't seem to have a bit of you in him (or her) -- is they change. Trust me. My daughter is now 8, and most people say she favors my side of the family these days. Although she still has her father's lips.

Lincoln is bound to show some Kail in him one of these days!

What do you think of Kail's confession? Would you be hurt if the baby looked like Dad?


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Maureen Friedly

I have told my husband that I want the baby to look like him! I go long periods of time of not getting to see him due to his work and knowing that I could just see his face in my child's face makes me smile. Of course, since we are having a girl, he's hoping she'll look more like me. ;)

nonmember avatar Brbr

I think my son may have looked like my husband for a split second after birth, but from then on everyone has said he looks exactly like me and my side of the family. All he has from my husband is his last name lol

Roman... RomansMommy2011

When my son was born he looked like me.. two years later he is the spitting image of his dad.

linzemae linzemae

All I ever heard was that she looked like my husband. I've even said to friends "you know, I had a part in making her too!"

mamma... mammadeeder

When my 3.5 year old was born, he looked just like my husband, when my 18 month old was born he looked just like me. I would've been happy either way..

Cleme... Clemency3

LMAO....love the title to confuse me. 

nonmember avatar Laurie

Both my kids like look like my husband. My daughter especially. I am still trying to come to terms with it. I had her in October and struggled really hard for a few days. Don't get me wrong, I love her and she is beautiful and healthy but it is strange to expect your kid to look like you and she looks like someone else's baby.

jacsm... jacsmama022

No, I had no problem with one of our daughters looking like my husband. In fact, I was happy. One looks just like me, the other just like him. Even if they both looked just like him, I would've been happy.

Taylor Danielle Hill

My daughter has looks  jus  like me since day one. She has her dad's eye shape and bright blue eyes. But she still mostly looks like me. My eyes are blue too, just a darker blue/green. Luckily she will have some curly hair from her dad.

nonmember avatar alannah

My son is 2 months old and looks exactly like his dad but it doesnt make me wanna cry. Hes little and handsome

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