Bouncy Seats Now Come With iPad Holders -- Just What Baby Needs

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iPad bouncy seatQuick show of hands. Who thought the iPotty was the stinkiest thing the child's industry could come up with? Wellllll, you were wrong! A potty with an iPad was nothing. Now there's a BOUNCY SEAT with an iPad.

But wait, you might ask, aren't bouncy seats for babies? Why yes, the Fisher-Price iPad Apptivity Seat is rated "newborn to toddler"!

And, OK, OK, the doesn't actually come with the iPad. It just has a fancy schmancy holder designed specifically to hold your iPad, and there are apps you get just for making the purchase. It's made for the iPad, folks.

AND for babies.

And I think I've got a headache.

I'm not sure who came up with this idea. Probably someone who saw that people are actually buying the iPotty and thought, "You know what's missing from this world? Babies who have mastered Angry Birds. Let's get on that!"

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What I am sure of is the people who are buying it. They're the kind of people who have yet to learn that to place something within two feet of a newborn is to put it in the projectile vomit zone. They're the kind of people who have not yet cottoned on to the fact that, yes, a baby can rip a chunk of hair out of a man's beard, and you'd be surprised exactly how good they are at prying things out of "secure" stands. They're the kind of people who haven't had to play the "pick it up after I've thrown it 30 times" game some 692 times.

Oh yeah, and they're the kind of people who haven't yet realized that a baby is perfectly happy with a wooden spoon and an empty oatmeal canister.

But they'll get there.

Probably after the baby's covered the iPad in baby puke.

Would you buy your baby a bouncy seat with an iPad? WHO would?


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Maureen Friedly

Absolutely not, but not for the reasons you have stated. Studies now show that exposing kids to "screen time" (iPad, iPhone, etc) is bad for them because it shortens their attention span. Plus I've noticed that little ones brought up on technology at a young age have little to no imagination.

Gemma Hutton

omg how good that even if you just put lullaby music with picrures on it i was forever using my tablet for white noise and lullaby would of loved this 


Kaylee Michelle Stavaros

Anyone else have a vision of the people from the future in Wall-E?

nonmember avatar Christie

@Kaylee you nailed it! That's exactly how I felt Snout the people at the apple store the one and only time I went there. A bunch of mindless zombies all playing with their iwhatevers. Don't get me wrong I myself have an iPod shuffle which I use at the gym and I iPhone but in no way am I in any kind of rush to run out and buy them for my 2 and 8 year old. My oldest has an xbox and that's just fine occasionally. However I'm a big believer in getting him outside to play and interact with children in person.

ZacsA... ZacsAuntie

This is ridiculous. Babies don't need screen time of any sort. they need tummy time and attention and toys like building blocks and things that build imagination. This is why we have zombie kids who do nothing but play video games and need toys that do 80+ things and need no imagination to play with.

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