Mom Angers World After Showing Off 6-Pack 3 Days After Giving Birth (PHOTO)

caroline berg eriksenOne surefire way to get a mom to roll her eyes? Seeing another mommy drop her baby weight without even trying. It's annoying. It's frustrating. Why? We are jealous, of course. Well, get ready to meet the most eye-roll-worthy woman in the history of motherhood. Just three days after giving birth, Caroline Berg Eriksen showed off her washboard abs and taut, trim thighs via an Instagram pic. Needless to say, the haters have come out of the woodwork to attack. Take a look at the controversial image and judge for yourself:


Of course I understand the annoyance. People say she is making women feel more pressure than they already do. Most of us don't look like that three years after having a baby, much less three days. We can't help but make comparisons even though our circumstances are completely different. Berg Eriksen is married to an athlete and her only job is to sculpt that chiseled body of hers. Seriously. She is a fitness blogger. So it actually is her job to look good.

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Not only that, people have leapt at her throat without giving credence to the caption that accompanied the photo. She wrote, "I feel so empty" because her baby bump is now gone. I am sure a lot of women who enjoyed their pregnancies can relate to that.

But I suppose it's much easier to hate this woman than celebrate her. Something similar occurred just a couple months ago when mother-of-three Maria Kang was accused of fat-shaming women. She had posted a revealing photo of herself with the headline, "What's Your Excuse?" Admittedly, that was a bit infuriating. I am sure she meant it to be a motivational method, but it was a slap in the face to many moms. But Berg Eriksen's case is different in my opinion. She says she was told she would never get her body back. And she is simply celebrating the fact that she has. 

If women feel bad about themselves after seeing her photo, that has more to do with them than her. Losing the baby weight is a major struggle for most of us. I would go as far as to say it's terrorizing. And it can greatly affect self-esteem. But that is not this woman's fault. I'll be honest, I would hate to have to look at a BFF with such a ridiculously hot post-baby body. But if I did, I would be genuinely happy for her even if I occasionally rolled my eyes.

What do you think of Berk Eriksen's photo? Do you think it's an insult to other moms?


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