Prince George's 'Mystical' Gift Proves He's Way More Royal Than North West

What do you get the baby who has everything? Imagine trying to pick out a gift for Prince George. Funny onesies just don't seem quite right for the baby who already had a perfect replica of Queen Victoria's daughter's christening gown. But the tribesman of Kenya came up with the perfect present for the royal tyke. Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have formally accepted their son's first pets, a fattened black bull and a goat.


The Samburu tribe of Kenya, pals of Prince William after he spent time with them at the Lewa wildlife conservancy in Kenya, gifted the bull and goat, and also four heifers, to the prince so that he could start a "royal herd" on the Kenyan land.

The royal pair reportedly wrote back to the tribe in Swahili:

On behalf of our son George, Catherine and I would like to thank you all so very much for the extraordinary honour and generosity of your gifts.

I remember my time with you, the Samburu, with immense happiness and I could not be more grateful to you all for this kindness. It brings me great pride and joy to know that George’s 'pension' will be herded on a land that we love and care deeply for. We only hope that one day, he will be able to come and see them for himself. Please accept our immense and deep thanks on this special occasion. Asante [thank you].

I'm guessing they had some help with the Swahili.
Ordinarily, I am NOT in favor of gifting animals -- especially to babies. But it sounds like the animals will be well taken care of on the conservancy. Plus, the animals will be used for milk, not meat. They are also seen as mystical by the tribe, and sent from the heavens -- so no one will mess with them. No doubt they will be spoiled rotten, given that they are the special pets of the little prince.

If anything, this just proves that Prince George is totally more royal than North West. I'm not one to pit babies against each other - but since Kanye West started this whole thing, I'd have to say Prince George 1 - North West 0. Because I don't see anyone giving North West a fattened bull. But, please, people, let's keep it that way, eh? No gifting Nori with a herd of heifers. I suspect they won't be as well tended as the one's given to Prince George. No bull deserves to live with Kanye.
What do you think of this gift?
Image via Carmen Rodriguez/Flickr
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