Never Keep It Quiet In Your Home Especially If You Have Kids

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baby playing drumsWhen I was pregnant, one of the things my friend whose daughter was 2 at the time told me was to never keep the house quiet. Even with an infant. She stressed how I shouldn't tip-toe around and worry about every little noise. We live in NYC, so noise is an issue. There are sirens and buses and traffic and people outside (or upstairs or downstairs) making a whole lot of noise. If baby can only sleep in extreme quiet, well, you should think about moving out to the country. Of course, that's not always a possibility so you can get those white noise machines or ... let your baby get used to living and being soothed even when there is noise.

And what better way to do it than to introduce your child to music, even during those quieter times. Turns out, there are brain benefits to it as well.

I've exposed my kids to music since ... well, conception. My children' father is a musician and we both really enjoy listening to many different kinds of music. Every night from when my children were first born, we'd go to bed listening to classical music. And during the day we've listened to just about everything -- even metal. My twins are 4 now and they are both very musical kids -- love have made up songs, love to dance, and strum a guitar every chance they get. My son also loves to play drums though has only done so when we're at people's homes who have drums. (Brave parents.)

I can't help but feel that because we've listened to music so often and were never the tip-toe, hush hush kind of parents, they were able to sleep well even if an ambulance was so loud it felt like it drove through the house and even in wicked thunderstorms. My babies even slept through me vacuuming. I never went around banging pots and pans, and there were moments we had silence in the home, but generally speaking, we weren't afraid of noise.

A recent study looked into children who were exposed to music before the age of 7 and found that it was linked to the brain maturing faster in terms of language and function -- and this benefit was seen even as the child matured through the age of 21. It even helped with self-awareness. Brain maturation peaks at age 7, so exposing kids to music before then is especially helpful.

Ph.D. candidate Yunxin Wang, of Beijing Normal University in China and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, was one of the study's leads and she says that music by composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and Schubert, had a great impact on kids when they listened before the age of 7, particularly if they trained to learn the music of these musicians. I don't know about you, but I think I want to sign my kids up for a music class. At the very least, their father can teach them guitar, and we can all continue to have dance and sing parties.

Quiet? With kids? Not a chance.

Do you keep it really quiet in your house or do you generally welcome noise?


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eevers55 eevers55

We love music and my toddler has been surrounded by it since conception. We have quite a few musicians in the family.
Even outside of music though, I try to make noise. I want my daughter to be able to sleep more soundly than I can. I wake at the drop of a pin and sleeping is miserable for me because of it

Carol DeRenzo Pearson

My oldest child is now 40 years old. I never believed in tiptoeing around sleeping babies. Consequently, all 3 of my grown-up babies can sleep through a bombing. Amazingly enough, they have no trouble waking up to take care of their children. Human minds are thoroughly incredible!!!

Tracys2 Tracys2

We generally don't play music in the house, but there is quite a bit of noise, constantly. My youngest was woken from her nap just about every day for the first 3 years of her life- often very, very early in the nap. Never did go back to sleep or adjust like they said she would, but at least we tried the noise thing. (to be honest, all 3 kids have always woken easily). Even did the music thing, back then, hoping it would help to have friendly noise to cover the other kid/TV/etc noise. Ha ha, I was hoping, but no dice. So glad they're growing up despite my failures.

the4m... the4mutts

Eh.. we're about half and half. There's always music, vacuum, tv, or some sort of noise in our house. And generally the kids have slept through it. But when one is sick, teething, having a bad dream, or just generally not sleeping well, I will quiet the house down for them to have a nap.

Also, we're definitely into SILENCE at night. No tv, radio, or white noise. The kids sleep well, and aside from birth-18months or so, I've never had to get up with them at night except on the rare nightmare occasion. Whatever Im doing, seems to work.

nonmember avatar cheer

it's not true, really She found that musical training before the age of seven seemed to thicken areas of the brain involved in
language skills and planning and carrying out tasks.

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