Prince Harry Isn't Supporting Prince William When He Needs It Most

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prince harryEver since Prince George was born back in July, Prince Harry has proven himself to be a pretty loving uncle. Good ol' Prince William even told the press back in August that his little prince reminds him of Harry. Now, you would think that, with William being so affectionate and all, Harry'd be supportive of his brother. He'd praise him for all those long hours he spends up with George in the middle of the night, and supporting Kate Middleton as she learns how hard (yet rewarding) it can be to be a new mom. Nope, instead -- Prince Harry makes fun of his brother.

Currently on a trip to Antarctica as part of the South Pole Allied Challenge, Harry recently told the press that he thinks his brother is jealous of his travels. "I think he's just quite jealous I managed to get away from a screaming child," Harry jested.

A screaming child? Oh come on, Har. You're not being that supportive, are you?

Sure, babies cry. Heck, they cry a whole lot. But that little baby, that little bundle of joy, he's so much more than those tears. And that's something that I am sure Prince William and wife Kate have come to realize.

To the royal couple, Prince George is a major part of their lives. Does that mean they don't need a break every once in a while? Of course not. But it means that opposed to someone who doesn't understand the joys of fatherhood (ahem, I'm lookin' at you Harry) -- the tears don't faze them as much. The tears are such a SMALL part of what being a parent involves.

Harry, I enjoy you. I really, really do. But maybe think again before dissing your nephew like that, eh? Especially since I'm sure your brother has nothing but sweet things to say about you despite your antics.

As a new parent, after a few months, did you get tired of all the late nights and crying fits? Was it all worth it?


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nonmember avatar Stephanie

Seriously? It was a sarcastic comment. Lighten up.

adamat34 adamat34

Lighten the F up....we have all thought this...he didnt do anything insensitive....good grief these writers love to stir shit


You know after you little "fun rant" you could have brought up why Harry is in  Antarctica. Its for The Walking Wounded, a charity for wounded vets. There are amputees also taking part in this race. I know you think you are funny but you missed an opportunity to speak out about other "parts" of Harry,other than the mischievous,wise cracking,hell raising Harry.

Maribeth Wright Curry

Good grief! They have enough staff to deal with baby George whenever they need a break - Harry sure doesn't have to rearrange his life for them! Give the guy a break!

nonmember avatar Jodie

Harry has an amazing sense of humour !... We all joke around with our siblings. I agree with adamat34..... you really are stirring up shit !.... Making a big deal about nothing.... honestly....

Dawn Smith

There are reasons that Harry is still single. This may be one of them. He had rather be a playboy than to settle down. And there is nothing wrong with that, as long as he realizes that and doesn't try to do something that he is not ready for. For now, he is being an uncle.

Anna Simms

Harry will never be the man William is, Harry's too sel;f centered.

Leslie Parmentier

I think young Harry just needs a little more time to mature.

Beverly Duval

I really love the royal family. Diana was radiant. Ever since the near birth and birth of the new baby i have consistantly received ads and where about of the whole family on my facebook page. how do i stop it. Has gone much too long. thank you.

Colleen Philipson

i'm sure Harry brother William would have taken it as a joke as it was ment to be

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