Dad Demonstrates the Proper Way to Beat Up a Baby (VIDEO)

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When it comes to babies and pranks, let's just say people are not always on board. Remember the grandparents who were roasted for putting their grandbaby in the oven? It's understandable that people are protective of the wee ones, who can't protect themselves. But sometimes you just gotta say "screw it" and kick a baby's ass, you know what I'm saying? Comedian Gavin McInnes, obviously fed up with his jerk of a baby, decided to teach him a lesson by wrestling with him. Not surprisingly, some people weren't too happy with this!

McInnes took a video of himself wrestling with his little boy, choke-holding him, strangling him, and tossing him on the bed. Only, you know, he wasn't really doing any of that. He was just playing around and no babies were harmed in the making of this video.

But some of the imagery is pretty disturbing. As someone who writes about babies being abused pretty much every day, this stuff is often all too real. But that does that mean that we, as a species, can't joke around too?

Should Gavin have made this video just to get clicks? Was he being irresponsible?

Opinion seems to be split down the middle. Many are saying, relax people, it's just a joke. He obviously loves his kid and is just horsing around. Look how much the kid is laughing through the whole thing!

But other people are pointing out some things that make you think twice. One person commented on YouTube:

You should not toss a baby -- even to a pillow or to catch. I know these two are having fun but neurologists say it can be harmful to the brain stem.

And as for Gavin "harmlessly" blowing on the baby's face? Well, there's this:

actually blowing wind in a baby's face it is dangerous, it can actually cause malfunctions on the lungs, and in time, as it develops, the baby will have difficulties breathing

Yikes, people. What can you do with a baby? If you can't put it in an oven or wrestle it or blow on its face, why have them?!

A close look at the video shows that he was making sure to hold his baby properly and wasn't just tossing him around willy-nilly. I have to admit I laughed through the whole thing.

But it was a guilty laugh.

Take a look. Do you think this was wrong or funny? Or both?

Image via Gavin McInnes/YouTube


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linzemae linzemae

Well shit. My husband blows in my kids face all the time

the4m... the4mutts

Funny lol

We've always wrestled and played with our kids like this.

As I am typing on my cell, my 4 yr old is using my ass as a punching bag. When Im done typing, Im going to knock his legs out from under him (we're on my bed) and make him fall down, before I "punch" him in the ribs. (I make punching motions, but tickle him with my knuckles)

We love the rough play in our house, and nobody ever gets hurt. And my kids are not ever violent to anyone that doesnt like to play rough, and they're not bullies. Its fun!

nonmember avatar Janice

Hilarious! If people are offended by this, they need to get a sense of humor!

Rando... Randomlady

Hilarious and adorable!

To the people who said blowing in a babys face is dangerous, do they ever take them outside? There is literally no way to stop the wind from blowing on them. Some people must put their kids in bubbles or something.

nonmember avatar grace

This is adorable.. BTW the only thing bad that wind or blowing in a babies face can do is make them gassy from swallowing air on accident. I learned that in a parenting class. Not breathing problems lol

Net1957 Net1957

That's adorable and hilarious!

nonmember avatar Eh

Cute. The only thing i dont like is blowing in his face. He obviously doesn't like it, personally I can't breathe in the wind, it takes my breath away. That said, his father obviously means no harm and is just playing around. Baby isn't distressed.

Allison Schmidt

This is funny and it looks like baby had a fun time. None of this is offensive. My daughter blows right back in our faces, even if it is filled with spit :)

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I would assume this is the man's second kid. My husband is a lot more comfortable "play" wrestling with my 14 month old :-p

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