Dad Who Lost Wife & Daughters In Horrific Home Invasion Welcomes New Baby

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Good news in Connecticut. The man who horrifically lived through a home invasion that saw his two daughters and wife brutally killed has a new addition to the family: His new wife has given birth to a baby boy. Dr. William Petit suffered unimaginable horror when two men broke into his Chesire, Connecticut home and spent seven hours torturing and then killing his two young daughters and his wife. He married Christine Paluf last year; she was volunteering for his charitable foundation.

Much like Marina and Kevin Krim, who had a baby boy in October; and Madonna Badger, who became engaged this year, Dr. William Petit had to find the strength within himself to live on even after such terrible brutality and heartbreak.

Dr. Petit saw how unfathomably cruel some human beings can be as he watched Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky snuff out the lives of his wife, Jennifer, and his daughters Hayley, 17, and Michaela, 11. Dr. Petit was hit on the head and bound in the basement; Jennifer was forced to wait all night to withdraw money from their bank account; Michaela and Jennifer were raped; Jennifer was strangled to death; and then the house was set on fire, killing the daughters. Dr. Petit was able to escape and run to a neighbor for help.

What this man has been through is staggering beyond words. When you've seen that kind of evil close up, and had everything you loved most taken from you in the most brutal and heinous manner -- well, anything short of killing yourself is a miracle.

That Dr. Petit has been able to love again is such a testament to his strength. Not to mention that Dr. Petit has tirelessly worked in the name of his wife and daughters for good causes.

And now that he has a child again -- it's just incredibly touching. Amazing the strength human beings can find to carry on.

How have you recovered from tragedy?


Image via Petit Family Foundation/Facebook

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Jacee... Jacee2348

I have not personally been touched by tragedy, and I imagine very few have seen tragedy such as this.  Blessings to him and his new family; he has continued to live and honor his wife and children while helping so many people along the way. 

Tabfr... Tabfrtnltwns

Omg! I feel terrible about what happend to him and his family. It takes alot within us to move on from such tragedy and love again. Only through god was he able to within stand these events(courage and strength) and start anew. May god continue to bless him and his new family

tobza... tobzangel

Congrats to the new parents. Here's to ya Doc. God Bless that l'il boy.

campk campk

God Bless this man and his family


johnn... johnnys_mom6605

I would be terrified to bring another child into the world if that happened to my family. In all honesty, I have no idea how I would go on if that happened to me. He's a strong man.

shann... shannipoo714

There's a typo in here.  Stephen was one of the killers.  William was hit on the head and bound in the basement

nonmember avatar Diana R

I suppose it's an honest mistake but STEVEN was in fact one of the killers.. Bill Petit is the father. I am grateful to have met him and been able to volunteer in some of his events.. Wonderful man who is deserving of the most happiness life can bring.

Vinta... VintageWife

If I see you say "snuffed out" one more time in connection with a death you're writing about (you and the others on here), I'm swear I'm leaving Cafemom. How cruel does that phrase sound to people that have lost loved ones?!?

Tinke... Tinkerbell4013

Nothing I've ever been through can even compare to the horrific tragedies like those mentioned in this story. I would be remiss to even TRY to compare something I've had to go through when faced with these stories. I am so thankful that evil like this has never touched my life. Thank you for helping me keep things in perspective. I am so happy for these families who have battled back and found happiness again. God Bless!

1smar... 1smartcookie

Like a previous poster said...Steven was not "hit on the head and bound in the basement." Steven Hayes was one of the home invaders and is currently on death row.

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