A Beautiful Nursery for a Baby Girl That Defies All Stereotype

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If you had to pick a perfect shade of gray to paint your nursery walls, the one pictured above just might be it. Paired with bright white furniture, a few gold fixtures, and splashes of blushy pink, this nursery is as lovely as it is simple and calm.

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Another gorgeous credenza turned changing table, multi-functional and stylish indeed. I can't get enough of those floor skimming drapes, the shade of pink is unique and really plays well in this space. 

What a delightfully curated gallery wall. Each looks so thoughtfully framed and arranged with purpose and care. I really enjoy those delicate smaller oval frames mixed in to contrast the larger pieces. 

Sunburst mirrors are so popular right now and I love their vintage vibe. This one is particularly cool, I'd love to get my hands on one just like it! The mobile is so sweet and pairs perfectly with the color scheme and uncluttered simplicity of this space. 

How neat is that wooden alphabet on the wall? So unique! The bookshelves hung within reach of small hands makes for easy access, so smart! 


It's nice to see a simple nursery be both beautiful and functional without all the extra clutter, don't you agree? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!  




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nonmember avatar janey

It's beautiful! I love the bookshelf and mobile.

Paws84 Paws84

This is so beautiful!! 

Aria Clements

Wait until the kid starts playing around in there.  It's easy to have an uncluttered nursery.  The challenge comes in when kids are mobile, start climbing all over stuff, and have bigger toys that you can't easily hide in a drawer when you're wanting to do a show-off photo shoot.

Sekirei Sekirei

that is beautiful.. 

the only thing I don't like is the sharp pointy thing over the crib...

tel4him tel4him

I like the curtains and the quilt, but that's about it.  

nonmember avatar mile

As a general rule you should never hang pointy or hard objects like frames and mirrors on the wall beside the crib. The wall can crack, the nail can fall or the lightest earthquake can be dangerous. Just a tip... baby proofing the house is never enough!

Angela Rodriguez

i would like to know where those book shelves can be purchased?

nonmember avatar Theresa

What is the paint color called? That is the perfect gray for my little boy's room!

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