'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Names Her Baby After Bad Boy Rapper

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Kailyn Lowry Javi MarroquinMoms and dads have been known to look just about everywhere for baby name inspiration -- from the color wheel to erotic literature. But Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry seems to prefer naming her babies after celebrities. After all, her new baby was named for a popular rapper!

Kail's second child, first with husband Javi Marroquin, shocked the world when he arrived over the weekend. Bets were leaning heavily toward Kailyn having a girl. Instead she introduced the world to little Lincoln Marshall Marroquin.

The first name seems to fall in line with the alphabetic listing of her family's names -- Isaac, Javi, Kailyn, and now Lincoln. But what's with the middle name?

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According to Kail herself, the little guy was named for rapper Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers. As she said on Twitter:

Little Lincoln Marshall joins big brother Isaac in being named for a celebrity -- Kail took her inspiration from one of the Hanson brothers for baby number one.

No doubt, Marshall is a good, solid name. According to the Baby Name Finder, it means steward or caretaker of horses. Kailyn and Javi chose well -- their little boy has two names that aren't too popular but are normal and easy to grow into.

But Eminem? Isn't that the guy who drops gay slurs on the regular in his music? Not exactly a role model! Imagine your kid says, hey, I'm named for that guy, I should look up to him? Yikes!

This is the problem with looking to celebrities for baby names. There are plenty of good names out there, but the people behind them aren't always folks you want your kid looking up to! Even someone who seems to be pretty decent at the time you give birth can turn into a real jackass in the end (anyone want to talk about the people who named their kids Miley 10 years ago?).

Then again, this little guy does share a name with one pretty amazing president ...

Who is your baby named after? What do you think of Kail's baby name inspiration?


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Elaine Cox

not a shock..

nonmember avatar Bree

She does not make cute babies...

nonmember avatar laura

What if she just liked the name? I like it.. Regardless of who else has it.

Ashleigh Hancock

Bree, you're an asshole. Congrats to Kailyn, Javi, and BIG brother Isaac.

outst... outstandingLove

eminem sells music. that's all his slurs are. money. he actually idolizes Elton John!

Marshall is a good name. And although Kail is not my favorite person, she is a damn good mother.

nonmember avatar tee

My son Jared after Jared Let (my so called life) now ironically one of my my sons favor bands 30 seconds to mars! Worked out great

Tracy Lockerbie Freeman

whatever floats her boat. She has to deal with the name, not anyone else.


nonmember avatar Melissa

Speaking of naming children after Eminem I named my oldest child after his daughter Hailie...my baby name is Hailie Christine...

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