Newborn Twins Can't Stop Hugging Even While They Bathe (VIDEO)

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A French nurse posted the best video on YouTube -- newborn twin babies hugging in the bath. Seriously -- this is just about the cutest, most touching thing you’ll watch in a long, long time. I take no responsibility for any deaths by adorableness when you see it.

The little ones can’t stop holding each other as the nurse cradles them in the water, and they just look so happy and content to be together that it’s easy to imagine what it was like for them in the womb. No wonder twins have such a special bond!

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The video was actually intended to showcase a new technique for bathing very young babies (under 2 months) called The Baby Spa. It was invented by Sonia Rochel, a newborn nurse in Paris, and involves gently caressing an infant under warm water with no soap for 10 to 15 minutes. She asks that parents don’t try to re-create it at home.

It’s got to be so comforting to babies to feel like they’re back in their safe, warm womb -- even better in the case of twins, when you’re back with your womb-mate.

Take a look:

Do you think twins have an extra special bond?

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nonmember avatar Alexandra

How adorable!

ktobin2 ktobin2

Cutest thing I've ever seen! So peaceful :)

nonmember avatar NoWay

They are so adorable! :) I can't believe all of the hair on the one baby! So cute! :) A nice way to end a Friday.

Prett... PrettyPants

I am 36 weeks pregnant and now I am even more anxious to hold my baby boy after seeing this precious video. 

nonmember avatar LIFEisPRECIOUS!

Why is everyone so surprised? They lived with each other in a space no bigger than a beach ball for 9 months! Also, I BEG this mom to let her beautiful babies continue 'Twin Talk' until THEY stop it. My MIL put a stop to it when they where only 2yo. It' ben shown that when twins abruptly stop 'twin talk' due to an outside force there can be adverse mental effects.

Rebec... Rebecca7708

Awww! I want twin babies!!!!!

lalab... lalaboosh

I totally almost kissed my phone.

Lynar42 Lynar42

This is so sweet! Yes, I do think that twins have a special bond. A couple of my best friends in high school were twins and one could feel the others pain even when separated by a state!

Andre... Andreamom001

I LOVE this video. I've seen it posted all over. Those babies are adorable. I want one.

(Not one of those particular two, just a newborn!) :-)

lilyb... lilybug524

I agree and disagree. I have fraternal twin girls who couldn't be more differnt from one another. I think its different for identical twins although i do believe that my girls have a special bond and don't fight as much as most siblings but they don't have twin talkor any of the twin characteristics people talk about. Also most twins aren't carried for 9 months. Some are but not most. back to the video it is freakin adorable and makes me want another baby

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