Queen Elizabeth Lets Kate Middleton 'Tear Up the Rule Book' to Raise George

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kate middletonAccording to a friend I know who happens to live behind a wall in an alley at Kensington Palace, Queen Elizabeth is essentially letting the Duke and Duchess "tear up the rule book" when it comes to raising Prince George. Well, to an extent. Queen E apparently wants some tradition, as, you know, they're royals and all, but she isn't forcing neither Prince William nor Kate Middleton to follow in the exact footsteps as their famous predecessors.

And that has to be a huge relief for Kate.

According to said source, rather than fight for staunch tradition at every turn, the queen "picks her battles." It's thought that Prince George's christening was a prime example of compromise between royal tradition and William and Kate's more modern take on things. (Typically, the christening is a grand occasion, involving hundreds of guests; Will and Kate chose to only have an intimate ceremony with only close family and George's godparents. The Queen was pleased.)

Imagine what a massive sigh of relief Kate must have breathed when she found out that she and William had the Queen's blessing to do things their way. It would have put a gigantic amount of stress on Kate if she were forced to do things for George a certain way. All mothers know what's best for their child (and themselves) after giving birth; it would have been a shame if Kate couldn't follow her instincts and do what she felt was right (like to go to her parents' home in Bucklebury following the Prince's birth).

William and Kate are the future of the monarchy, and it appears that they're reshaping many aspects of it -- including the kind of upbringing they want their child to have. And it's nice that they have the Queen's okay. May all live happily ever after.

What are your thoughts on how Kate is raising Prince George?

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adamat34 adamat34

Royal or not thats her baby. She should raise him as she and her husband see fit. Meddling grandparents are the worst!!!

Nelli... NellieAthome

Well adamat34 there is a big difference between meddling grandparents and grandparents who ensure a child is being raised to meet their future responsibilities.  If mom and dad, for instance, decide to raise a child who never goes to school or never learns to read it is a grandparent's right and responsibility to see that the child is not harmed by the lack of appropriate parenting .

Oh - and as we can note by the hundreds of stories of abused child and babies, not every set of parent knows what is best for a child.


Behnaz Goodno

It is nice to see that Queen is open minded about the limit of tradition and Kate and William's happiness is important in upbringing their son!

Carol Eggert Stadelmaier

Why do you keep calling her Kate MIDDLETON? She's now the Duchess of Cambridge.

Anoth... AnotherKim

Kate can thank Diana for paving the way for her.

nonmember avatar Desertdame

Well "Nellie at home " it is a good thing you have nothing to do with this child. I only pray that is the case for other children! While an education is vital , common sense is also essential and clearly you have none ! What are you talking about, to assume that this child would maybe not go to school or learn to read is ridiculous! This child will have every advantage and obviously education is first and foremost for the royal family and especially the Duke and Duchess, you mental midget!

Momma... Mommabearbergh

I think the queen learned just let things happen. Kate wasn't picked she fell in love they got married sort of like normal people. It should be interesting to see how everything plays out

Lorena Jordan

This is not just a baby but a future KING. He will need to live a certain way to uphold traditions. KATE knew this when she got married, and if she didn't like she should have married a rich duke or earl.

waity... waitykate

Heck yeah, Waity Middleton and Sea Biscuit can do ANYTHING they WANT with that surrogate baby of theirs.

flood... flood1971

@waitykate, you only and hate fully comment on the Duchess. What happened, William didn't pick you?

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