North West Is Already Earning Her Way to the Top

north westWho is the best-paid baby in television? I'm not positive, but I think the littlest Kardashian is definitely up there. It's estimated that North West "earns" $2,000 for every episode Papa West allows her to appear in. Wow, baby's making bank already! Now you could get sanctimonious here and start crying kidsploitation. And maybe you wouldn't be wrong about that. But I think she's getting a jump start on an important lesson every little girl should get: Earn baby, earn.

Nori is going to grow up to take care of herself. I think most of us grow up learning the importance of self-reliance and independence. But do we girls really get the idea of earning potential drilled into our heads? I'm not so sure we always get that specific.


I'm not saying Nori should feel pressure to make a living before she's even graduated from kindergarten. But think about what it would feel like to have money you "earned" (I mean, let's just use that word for the sake of argument) at such an early age. As long as Nori didn't have to sacrifice things like naptime or developmental milestones to get that cash, I think that would be an empowering message for her.

It's kind of like that college savings account we all start for our babies. Um, right, everybody? You've all started one for each of your kids? I think knowing that we've been saving money for our kid's education since day one sends him a profound message.

Anyway, I hope that what Kim and Kanye teach her is to use her brains to earn that money. Sure, for now she's earning money just for the luck of being their kid. But with such an uber-creative dad and a savvy grandma, I want to believe Nori has the potential to do something extraordinary herself someday. Something besides being a reality TV star -- not that there's anything wrong with that!

It's just that I kind of see Kim as the worker who's exploiting herself now so her own child can have a better future. That baby could grow up to do just about anything. I can't wait to see what she chooses.

Do you think Nori will grow up to be accomplished and ambitious, or just another lame Hollywood royalty layabout?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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