Nurse Calls Mom a 'Loser' for Not Vaccinating Her Baby (VIDEO)

nurse loser vaxIt sounds corny, but when you're a new mom, all you need is love. All you need is care. All you need is compassion. The early throes of parenthood are hard, and what you definitely don't need is a nurse in a hospital calling you a "loser" because you haven't vaccinated your child. Oh, yes, this actually happened.

Katie Smart of South Carolina took her 9-month-old to the Palmetto Health's Children's Hospital after she saw him twist his ankle. He also had a fever, so just to be on the safe side, Smart took her son to be checked out. But when her son was being examined, she saw a note that was left behind by a nurse that read: "need to fx fever; 0 immunizations ... Loser!" with a sad face drawn underneath.

Classy, right? Isn't this exactly how you'd want to be treated at a hospital when you're there with your sick child? Asked no one ever.

Smart says that she felt "judged" after seeing the note. And with good reason -- she totally was! Doesn't get much more judgey than the word "loser," does it? "For her to say that, she doesn't know why I choose not to vaccinate," Katie said. She added that she and her husband chose not to vaccinate two of their three children after researching the ingredients of vaccinations. Now, think what you want about vaccinations, but a mom who researches something and then chooses not to do it because she wants to protect her child how she sees fit certainly doesn't sound like a loser to me. The real issue here is the fact that the nurse -- you know, the person whose job is centered around around helping people -- clearly still has a high-school mentality and doesn't know how to be professional. I mean, who does that?

To vax or not to vax is a controversial topic, and people from both camps tend to have extremely strong opinions. But it isn't a nurse's job to judge a parent for their decision. It's the Internet's. Just kidding. Doctors and nurses should inform their patients of their options, and that's that. If they want to offer their opinions, great. But no need to call someone a name if their opinion differs -- especially if it's the parent of a child who just twisted his ankle.

The nurse responsible for the note has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, and a hospital spokesperson said: "Along with taking quick and appropriate disciplinary action with the team member involved, we are using this as a real-time learning opportunity to ensure every Palmetto Health team member clearly understands and reflects our standards of behavior with every patient, every time." Let's just hope their standards of behavior don't include calling patients schoolyard names.

What do you think of this? Are you pro or anti vax?


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mande... manderspanders

unprofessional, yes. But I'm sure it referred to the mom, not the baby.... and she should feel judged, she earned it. Vaccination isn't a personal's a community health issue that affects us all.

Katha... Katharine205

First world problems.  I'm sure there are mothers all over the world watching their childrens suffer and die from vaccine preventable diseases who would happily take those vaccines that these yuppies turn their noses up at. 

Todd Vrancic

It is not an emergency room nurse's job to judge the day-to-day routine medical care a parent is providing for a child, that discussion should be between the child's pediatrician's staff and the child's parents.  For example, my youngest son's vaccinations were delayed due to a problem with his kidneys and his doctor advised we hold off on vaccinations until that issue was resolved.  If a child is being seen for a twisted ankle, other issues might not have been put into the chart, because the parent taking the child to the emergency room might be too distracted to mention them.

Elaine Cox

if its legit..then its unprofessional but if mom felt judged then too bad

Elaine Cox

It is not an emergency room nurse's job to judge the day-to-day routine medical care a parent is providing for a but it is her job to make sure kids are well taken care fact in most states its mandatory

nonmember avatar andie

Definitely unprofessional on the part of the nurse. However, as a nurse, I can tell you that yes, this mother was judged. And rightly so. Anyone who refuses to vaccinate their children is putting all of us at risk. Ignorance at its worst.

fave82 fave82

Its totally unprofessional. Haven't we ALL wanted to call someone we deal with while working a name at some point?? But we don't because we're adults and we know better.

And plus, I'd like to add, my 9 mth old and my 2.5 yr old are both current on all vaccinations..... and they're both home sick today with fever. So just because you vaccinate doesn't mean your child will never catch a cold or whatever. This nurse needs to take it down a notch.

evilekat evilekat

I think she may have been referring to the parent as the "loser" and not the kid. Still unprofessional though. I have many opinions on parents who dont vaccinate, most of them not pleasant, yet I keep my mouth shut and she shouldve too.

Brain... BrainyMommy

The mother is an idiot but the nurse was out of line and the hospital was right to take disciplinary action against the nurse. 

lulou lulou

As an internet commenter it is my job to judge.  What makes me even more leary of the mom is a twisted ankle on a 9month old, arent their bones still made of rubber at that age.

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