What Your Nursery Says About Your Parenting Style

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Behind every great nursery is a parent with great vision. Let's face it, our baby's first bedroom is definitely a reflection of who we are and has a whole lot less to do with, well, with our children and who they are (who the heck knows who they are at 2 weeks old, anyway??) But have you ever stopped to consider how the kind of nursery you created for your baby actually reveals quite a bit about your parenting style? Yep, for better or worse, nurseries are sort of like handwriting or your beverage of choice -- try as you may to pretend you're all cool and collected, that martini, or uh, quadruple padded crib in this case, gives you away.


You've created the "perfect" nursery for your little sweetie. You spent weeks or even months obsessing over paint swatches only to realize the ideal color is a mix of lavender and pink that doesn't exist. No big whoop, you create it yourself. Each piece of furniture in your baby's room resembles something seen in Vogue Bambini because you basically modeled his or her entire room after that of some Norwegian prince's. You are a strict parent who doesn't have trouble telling your little one, "Because I said so." Every color of the rainbow is represented on his or her dinner plate and you are serious about perfect table manners and not eating anywhere but at the table -- mainly because all of the rugs in your home are spotless and white. 

Your baby sleeps in a bare bones nursery. With the exception of a crib, rocking chair, and maybe a stuffed animal or two placed in the spare room of your home, your child's nursery is as minimal as you can get. You didn't change the color on the walls -- a neutral beige -- because you'd just have to paint it again when your child becomes sick of baby blue in three years. You are a logical parent who is more hands off than most. Even when he or she is a newborn, you talk to your baby about his feelings and explain why you can't go to the park that day. You don't force yourself to be the "ideal" parent and feel comfortable taking time for yourself, too.

You have a home office nursery. Along with the crib and a dresser, your baby's nursery holds a filing cabinet, a desk where you work (quietly) while she's napping, and maybe even a treadmill. You might live in a big city like New York or Los Angeles, where space is limited, or you may just believe a baby doesn't need all that space to himself yet and that there's nothing wrong with sharing. You value close connections with relatives and believe the family that plays, studies, and works together stays together. You strive for balance in your life and don't feel guilty about working. 

You have a "who needs a nursery?" nursery. You believe that, until he or she is old enough to sleep in a bed, there's no point in having a nursery! Maybe you are co-sleeping with your little one, or perhaps you've placed a crib in your bedroom. Assuming you do not live in an expensive city or are in the process of moving out of a small space and into a larger one, you are likely a responsive parent who is extremely nurturing and aware of your child's needs at all times, maybe to the point of overindulging them. You may have trouble accepting their desire for independence as they grow older, but maintaining a close emotional bond is more important to you.

What kind of nursery do you have? Does the description fit you?


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miche... micheledo

We had a bare bones nursery with our first three and with the last three, a 'who needs a nursery' nursery.  I like to think the descriptions fit me.  :D

early... earlybird11

Once again the stir leaves out a ton of ppl

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

My son (1) sleeps in his crib in my bedroom for the time being. We have a room for him now, but my grandmother moved in with us for a while after he was born to help us. We're planning on doing up his room after Christmas. :-p

Sarah Cazier

I painted my first son's nursery and put up some themed decals to match the crib set I got as a gift. I had inexpensive but matching furniture and all his little clothes neatly hanging

and in drawers... but I wasn't cooing about how it was 'just perfect' or go out of my way to make it so. When we found we were expecting another baby all I did was get a bigger dresser, rearrange the room and add a toddler bed. My parenting style is a mix of those listed. To be honest I find these 'how you do something or other places you in a particular cookie cutter' editorials to be a little dumb.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Bares Bones definitely describes me. I'm the type who patiently explains to my babies why they have to wait a minute to nurse or why they need to be buckled in to the evil car seat. Sure they can't understand the words to start with but they can understand tone and they like that they're getting attention. It's no more trouble to explain why a car seat is necessary than it is to just tell them that everything will be ok and it's better for me (explaining Newtonian physics is more intellectually stimulating than singing Barney songs) and older kids learn too. Eventually stuff sinks in too.

Paws84 Paws84

For once I actually agree with RhondaVeggie lol

smac28 smac28

Nope def way off for me... We took sooo long on our sons nursery, but are not at all the spotless house, sit at the table type...at all. Lol

Jenna Saylor

Yup. We are a why waste money on a not needed nursery lol

jessi... jessicas2528

I decorated in a theme, but it wasn't important have the most expensive. Actually. I said why buy everything new when he will be over it soon anyway

teddy... teddysmama09

I'm a mix of both. I did an antique Beatrix Potter theme with antique furniture she can grow with (like a vanity table). The room can easily go from baby to big girl and beyond with just a few simple changes.

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