10 Wacky Pacifiers No Baby Should Ever Use (PHOTOS)

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Nov 6, 2013 Baby
10 Wacky Pacifiers No Baby Should Ever Use (PHOTOS)

fu manchu pacifierI'm just going to cut to the chase: After some extensive Googling, I've discovered that there are some really weird pacifiers out there. Passies with cuss words on them; passies that cost almost 20 grand (yes, you read that right); passies that will age your sweet little newborn about 16 years.

They're weird. They're kind of hilarious. And they're definitely not for everyone. Here are 10 of the wackiest pacifiers you'll ever see. Who comes up with this stuff?!

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  • 'Grillz' Pacifier, $8.00


    This gold grill pacifier is perfect for parents who need a good laugh during the "no-sleep" phase of your newborn's life. And, seriously, what baby doesn't like shiny things?

  • Diamond Pacifier, $17,000


    Speaking of shiny things ... why not pop this diamond-encrusted passie in your little one's mouth? The wacky part? It's $17,000!!!

  • Bad Ass Pacifier, $5.00


    Would you want your baby using a pacifier with the word "ass" on it? Just asking.

  • Crunchy Cockroach Pacifier, $10.53




    Unless you're an exterminator, not sure why you'd want your baby to have a passie with a giant cockroach on it. Different strokes, I guess.

  • Fu Manchu Pacifier, $16.50




    Have the coolest pacifier-sucking baby on the block with this hairy fu manchu sucky.

  • Mute Button Pacifier, $5.95


    Aw. Something seems a little sad (and okay, funny) about "muting" a baby.

  • Lil Sherlock Pacifier, $7.00


    This pacifier is supposed to look like Sherlock Holmes. Don't know if I would have figured that out on my own, but it sure is crazy-looking!

  • Baby Pimp Pacifier




    Another pacifier with a word that just doesn't seem to go well with "baby." But hey, to each their own!

  • Baby Attitude Pacifier, $6.99


    Not sure if it's the bandana and the sunglasses, but this pacifier looks really realistic.

  • Born to Shop Pacifier, $5.95

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