Drew Barrymore Got Pregnant for Her Daughter

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drew barrymore pregnantAs you may have heard, Drew Barrymore is pregnant again! Yay! Champagne pops all around! Confetti flutterings! Dove release! The 38-year-old actress is rumored to be about three months along with her second baby, while her daughter Olive just turned 1 at the end of September. Clearly, this mama is seriously in love with being a mama. So much so that this pregnancy is actually kind of for the child she has already. Drew even said, "Congrats, Olive!" when she announced the news. Talk about putting your kids first.

Drew told People: "Will is just thrilled -- we both are -- [because] we just wanted so badly for Olive to have a sibling. In some ways, it’s really for her." Aww! See, it isn't Drew who wants the baby, it's Olive! Drew's just doing her kid a solid. Just kidding. Obviously, Drew wants another baby. But she isn't the first mom to say that part of the reason she's having another child is so her kid can have a sibling. 

Anyone who has a brother or sister knows that the sibling relationship is a special one. It's the person (or people) you spend the most time with, growing up. It's the person you bitch about your parents to. It's the person whose shit you borrow and never give back. Siblings are built-in friends for life. You may not always get along with your brother or sister, but they're a huge part of making you into the person you become. And that's kinda cool.

I think it's super sweet that Drew congratulated her little girl on becoming a big-sister-to-be. It shows just how much Olive means to her, and just how much Drew puts her child before herself. Congrats, Drew! And congrats, Olive, too!

Did you have another child so your kid could have a sibling?


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Coles... Coles_mom

Lord - you've never met me and my sibllings then. They're horrible people. No thanks to the built-in friends. In my case, they were built-in bullies....tortured and harassed until the day I turned 18 and never looked back. 

nonmember avatar tulip

as a grown woman, I can definitely say my brother is my best friend and always has been. I'd never willingly keep my children from having what I had by choosing for them to be an only child. I think drew's decision is a perfect one and it's one I've made myself for my daughters as well.

Daisy329 Daisy329

My brother is great. Even as adults 2000 miles away we are close.

Mae Clark

After my second son was born I have always said he is the best gift we ever gave his brother. My boys are two years apart and they have been best friends ever since. Now that they are 4 and 6 they fight like cats and dogs but they still look out for each other and they always want to do stuff together. So yes we partly had a second child to give the other a sibling. Of course I just never wanted to have only one either. They best gift we could ever give them was each other. Gongrats to Drew for not only wanting another baby but for also understanding how important it is for a child to have a brother or sister to grow up with. Not that their is any thing wrong with having only one child I just never would have chosen that for myself.

nonmember avatar m

Lol, I didn't even know she had a kid. So shocked right now.

Paws84 Paws84

It's the only reason why I would have a second child. I love my daughter to death, and I honestly can't see loving another person as much or more than her. With that being said, I have no interest in being pregnant again, dealing with family coming in and 'helping out', etc but I want my daughter to have a sibling she can grow up and be close with. My sister and I are almost 10 years apart. I moved to the opposite coast when I turned 19 and haven't looked back. We're not close at all. We're two completely different people. She's very much like my mother...I love her, but that's about it. 

sexyk... sexykitten0814

I'm glad I was able to give my daughter a baby sister, but I would never make that my sole or even primary reason for having another child. I think people who assume that siblings guarantee built in best friends and playmates are unrealistic. Of the kids I knew growing up, most of their sibling relationships didn't even really develop until adulthood, and even then, many of them were quite hateful.  They also felt resentful of being made to play with their siblings, preferring their chosen friends instead. I think those who can say they've always been very close with their brother or sister are quite lucky, but I also think they're more the exception than the rule.

Taya Tarango

yes i would if i could

Lori Brett

Yes, we did . My husband and I are older parents. We will be about 60 when our little ones are graduating from high school. This way they will have each other as we age further.

nonmember avatar Jessica

I think having kids so close in age does give them someone that they can lean on, all the fun in having a sibling is the how much can you blam on the other one. My brother and I are four years apart and my sister and I are seven years apart so there wasn't much hanging out or being friends when we were younger, when I had my kids I was not planning on having two kids back to back but now that they are older it's been nice plus they have a lil sister who is two years younger then they are. I have a set of what people like to call Irish twins they are 14months apart and are now not so much best friends but they do watch out for one another as well as their baby sister

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